Expansions - When is it worth it?


After seeing 's post about another upcoming #Everdell expansion, I wanted to ask:

  • How do you decide whether an expansion is worth the buy?
  • What are some of the best expansions you've purchased?
  • What are some expansions you'd never buy/expansions you bought but regretted?

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Premium User6 months ago

  1. I fully admit to buying expansions that I probably shouldn't have.  It's a game I don't play much and the expansion wasn't great.  In some cases I have fallen in to just wanting to have everything.  In other cases it's a game that was almost perfect and the expansion might just nail it.   If I'm being smart about it I buy an expansion for a game I enjoy, that hits the table reasonably often, and that adds some variety to the game to keep it interesting.
  2. Best expansion I have purchases is #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris for sure.  The expansions for #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game are also excellent and I'm very glad I have those. As I'm sure you'll hear from others #Tuscany: Essential Edition adds a great deal of goodness to an already good game. #Champions of Midgard: Valhalla in the same vein adds just the perfect layer of icing on top of an already excellent cake.
  3. I don't really regret buying expansions.  There are some that are better than others for sure but usually there is something redeemable in there.  I don't know if there are any I would NEVER buy.  At least I can't think of any right now.


Good post!

Owner6 months ago

Oooh good reminder with Valhalla. I've heard it's pretty much in the essential territory for some people. And yes, Tuscany is a must. I can't imagine a situation where I'd ever leave it out. Even with beginners, I'd play with the new board at least since you have so many chances to mitigate bad luck. At the same time it does introduce more complexity so I could see going with the base game if were to introduce it to my parents.

6 months ago

    • How do you decide whether an expansion is worth the buy?
      when it adds either a new mechanic the enriches the theme-gameplay  combo.
      when it fixes something I didn't like so much
      when I'm a fan of the game and I couldn't sleep without having it all! :D
  • What are some of the best expansions you've purchased?
    Rise of the empire for Star Wars Rebellion; it combines major and minor fixes and expansion and add a good dose of "more of the same" it that sweet flavour and theme.
    Carcassonne expansion are just more of the same but very modular. Cherrypicking mechanics and extra content is nice
  • What are some expansions you'd never buy/expansions you bought but regretted?
    Mechanics that clearly just lie on top of the existing game.
    Expansions that add more complexity than fun :p

Owner6 months ago

"when I'm a fan of the game and I couldn't sleep without having it all"

Which ones fell into that category? 😆

6 months ago

I'm lucky I can keep my game buying habits at bay, as we are putting some money in the house AND i'm saving up for a higer tier of acoustic guitar.

I was a fan of star wars destiny and the booster pack formula is BAD for me. I kept buying boosters and boosters and yet, not much of fancy character or items dropped for me.
Since I have nobody to play it with, I'm selling it all.

I'm even a bit sad Rebellion didn't get MORE expansions!

I'm lucky a friend of mine collects everything that is Imperial assault or that would be a compulsive one for me!

I used to have the same syndrome with sonic the hedgehog, before their games began to suck!


Owner6 months ago

What would you consider as high tier range for acoustic guitars in terms of price range? I got a great sounding one around $300-400 years ago but definitely not "high tier" :D

I'm glad I never got into card games with booster packs lol. Although, that just means I put money in video games instead.

Sonic the hedgehog? As in just getting every game that comes out? Used to play that so much. I also got anxious every time the countdown music started while you're underwater...

6 months ago

I'm lefthanded but Fender have a Hellcat signature that's lefthanded by default.
It was about €345 when I bought it and hey sell it for about €400 now.

It sound "ok to good" amplified but if I compare to €1400-€1900 range electro-acoustics, I quickly hear the difference :). Been drooling on Maton guitars, an Australian brand with sweet characteristics and a most excellent preamp that has both a piezo pickup and a mic in the body.

I have 4 other guitars, one even a custom built electric so tend to know more about playing and singing than boardgames. But that doesn't matter here, right :p

Are you a Steam Sales sucker? ;D
As for Sonic, I was "the sonic authority" around my friends, just as Mortal Kombat 1,2 and 3 :p
The amount of details i managed to memorize for those games :/...    




Owner6 months ago

Haha I don't get into Steam but I can see why they're hard to resist! Speaking of Mortal Kombat, it's been so long since I've played one of those types of video games.

I caught the guitar bug when I started college. In the beginning, I would fret the guitar for 20-30 minutes while watching TV. Not even playing, but just holding my fingers in place and switching around different chord shapes just to develop caluse. Also got super into fingerstyle and reading guitar tabs on songs I like.

I'm lefthanded too! (I've always used the regular/right-handed one though)

6 months ago

I don't purchase a lot of expansions as I'd rather get new experiences than expand on the ones I already have with my limited gaming budget.

Expansions I own.  I don't regret any of these though the Legendary expansion is my least favorite of the ones listed here.

  1. #Sheriff of Nottingham: Merry Men - This adds a bunch of new modules to include with the base game and includes an extra player count which was the primary reason I picked this expansion up.  The more people around the table lying and bluffing is a great thing IMO. Fits in the Core Box.
  2. #Sushi Go!: Soy Sauce Promo, #Sushi Go Party!: Sake Promo, #Sushi Go Party!: Inari Promo, #Sushi Go Party!: Pickled Ginger Promo - I'm counting the Promo's as expansions.  More options for a great party game is always welcome.  This game is a hit with my extended family. All fit in the core tin.
  3. #Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport - Adds two new modules, though I've only ever played with the Corruption one, and an extra player count.  I really enjoy the corruption module, it opens the game up a little bit and gives you another something to track.  Each corruption you have at the end of the game is worth negative points based on how much corruption is out there.  Both the base game and expansion fit in the smaller expansion box :)
  4. #Camel Up: Supercup Expansion - Adds 4 or so modules.  Love this game and the expansion made sense especially to make the race a litle longer.  Fits in the core box
  5. #Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game - World War Hulk - Hulk is my favorite character to play in the base game so adding more Hulk made sense.  I've gotten just a couple of plays out of this expansion so far as Legendary doesn't  hit the table as often as it us to.  Fits into the core box.
  6. #Clank!: Sunken Treasures and #Clank!: The Mummy's Curse - More maps for Clank.  Clank is my favorite deckbuilder so having more maps made sense.  Love both of these expansions and they both fit in the base box.
  7. #Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion and #Downforce: Wild Ride Expansion - similar to Clank, more maps and more powers to add variety to the game. I've gotten a ton of plays and excitement from both of these expansions.  Both fit in the core box :)
  8. #Kingdomino: Age of Giants - Adds additional scoring options and provides a score sheet which is nice.  Doesn't change the base game a lot but freshens up a game that was getting a little stale.  The base and expansion fit in the smaller expansion box. 

Not sure I have any expansions for games that I'm going to avoid. 

Potential future expansions include:

  1. #Flamme Rouge: Peloton and/or #Flamme Rouge: Meteo
  2. #Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears
  3. #Bohnanza: Ladies & Gangsters Expansion - probably the least likely expansion I'd pick up as I love the base game and don't play with all of the beans in the game as it is so plenty of replayability left.
  4. #7 Wonders: Leaders, #7 Wonders: Wonder Pack, #7 Wonders: Cities, #7 Wonders: Babel, #7 Wonders: Armada
  5. #PARKS: Nightfall Expansion
  6. #Carcassonne: Expansion 6 - Count, King & Robber, #Carcassonne: Expansion 2 - Traders & Builders are probably the two I'd most likely consider but the base game doesn't get a ton of play anymore so not likely to purchase.

Supporter6 months ago

  1. For me, one factor is obviously budget.  However, I more important factor is looking at the content of the expansion and seeing if it's going to greatly enhance my experience of the base game.  I don't like the idea of expansions that need to be bought to make the base game enjoyable.  If it's not good on it's own merits then I'll skip it (which means I'd skip the expansions as well).
  2. I think most of the expansions I've purchased have been great but I'll try to narrow it down to 2 - 3 (I'm sure most won't be suprising)
    1. Of course #Root: The Riverfolk Expansion (Lizards are my favorite faction in my favorite game, and I really like the Riverfolk the one time I've been able to play them).
    2. Also, #Tuscany: Essential Edition (I love the options in all four seasons, adds to the strategy in my opinion)
    3. This is almost 2 for me #Root: The Underworld Expansion (Of course I love the new maps and I also really enjoy both factions)... basically if it's #Root I'm going ot love it
  3. I'm not super interested in #Scythe: The Wind Gambit because I don't think it will greatly add to my #Scythe experience.  I don't think I've regretted any, although I'm kind of over #Star Wars Imperial Assault at the moment, and though I don't regret those expasions I also don't think I need them because it's not high up on my list right now (sorry haha).
  4. Finally, I'm not at all a completionist.  I have seen some people on BGG who have backed all the things for #Root even though they won't use them.  That's just silly to me.

Supporter6 months ago

Games can rise and fall on a list and that is perfectly ok. I just started a new campaign of IA online and it's just as great as ever. But once we finish a campaign I'm ok with not playing for a little while. 

Moderator Level 16 months ago

I haven't bought many expansions. A few years ago, #Alhambra: Big Box was on sale online for the same price as the base game at my FLGS, so I ordered it for the family for Christmas.  I've played through three of the five expansions and really enjoy several of the components. I've also bought #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches but have yet to play with it. I've ordered #Terraforming Mars: Prelude after searching for it for six months, and #King of Tokyo: Power Up (both currently on hold at Game Nerdz).

If I really like the game, I'll watch some reviews and videos about the expansions. I also think about cost vs. game play to see if it might increase the chance it will get to the table.  I'm really interested in the #Paladins of the West Kingdom: City of Crowns expansion, but it most likely won't see much game play except me soloing it, very similar to Terraforming Mars-my family just isn't interested in that heavy of a game. 

Although I'm still waiting for a copy of Everdell to be available, I'm very interested in the expansions as I've generally come across really good reviews of them. I would really like the expansions to #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. I'm also considering #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion as that also has some good reviews that I've seen.

On the other hand, I personally like Terraforming Mars, but don't know that buying any of the other expansions (well, maybe the maps) would be worth it for me with no one else to play it with. Ticket to Ride and Dominion expansions/ versions also fall here, too.  If my family is going to play a TtoR game, they'll alwasy choose #Ticket to Ride: Europe, and we haven't ventured beyond #Dominion: Second Edition and #Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition).

Premium User6 months ago

I'm in a similar boat as here in that I don't have too many expansions. We either have to really love a game (like with#Wingspan and#Mystic Vale) or they have to be deemed "essential" to gameplay.#Terraforming Mars: Prelude comes to mind for the latter.

I do have a few others, like#Escape: Illusions because it came with the copy I traded for and a couple for#Sagrada because my secret Santa grabbed them for me. I don't think any that I have picked up I've regretted, though going all in with the collectors edition of#Darwin's Journey may fall into that category simply because it's a lot of content and I can't really see us playing with all of it. But then again, it might make it worth the extra money 🤷🏻‍♂️

Owner6 months ago

And I'm sure the resell value will be good if you ever decide to part with them :D

Premium User6 months ago

I would be more sure if fewer people backed the collector's edition..sadly it was just about everyone who backed lol

Owner6 months ago

I don't buy many expansions either :) The only expansion I have in my collection is #Tuscany: Essential Edition. It's super rare for me since the base games don't get enough plays already. The one that I've had interest in is the expansion for Cartographers too. That game was surprisingly good and made me look out for other games in Thunderworks Games' catalog. And just as I couldn't resist getting expansions for Root, I'm sure I'll eventually go for additional content after getting into #Too Many Bones

I've only taken a quick glance over City of Crowns' Kickstarter page out of curiosity. It seems to be taking a similar approach as the expansion for #Architects of the West Kingdom where it's limited in scope and additional rules, but adding a nice change of pace and strategy for the fans? I would've expected the funding to be higher than where it's at though. Then again, maybe I've become to accustomed to Garphill Games hitting big numbers that even $300K doesn't seem like a lot :)

6 months ago

For me it is pretty simple...If I enjoyed the base game enough to keep it, I'll get any expansion for it. Some don't turn out so great, but mostly, I've had great luck with expansions enhancing the fun!

Some of the best expansions I've bought have been:

  Just about every expansion for Carcassonne. Our favorite is the one that adds in The Builder that allows for a second tile draw/turn. On a down note though, The Tower is too brutal for our tastes.

  There a several different maps for Castles of Burgandy that we have REALLY enjoyed also. The down side has been the latest edition of CofB...it is a visual mess and it is collecting dust in the attic now.

  I can't think of the name of the expansion for Feudality (by Tom Wham!), but it is a ton of fun and well worth tracking down.

  There are 3 expansions for Tash Kalar and I consider them "essentials". The base game is top 10 material for abstract lovers and the expansions really add to the fun.

  I really enjoy Bunny Kingdom, but I would caution folks to cast a critical eye towards the expansion. It changes the tone of the game dramatically and I don't like it as much as the base game.

  Most of the expansion content for Alien Frontiers is worthy. Some of it is just 'ok', while most really improves on the choices availble...the core of a dice worker placement game!

  Ascension... I would NOT recommend any expansions for this game. The heavily dilute the game play and even start to unbalance things. Pick one version (most are very good), and stick with it.

  Same goes for Race for the Galaxy...every expansion diluted the game too much. We got rid of RftG after JumpDrive came out. Jump Drive is FAR superior to RftG and really gets to the (fast) heart of the game. Multiple strategies are viable for the win also (unlike RftG).

  Dice City... all the expansions are amazing and should be purchased!

  Garden Dice. There is a small expansion for this fun "filler" that pumps up the gamer factor. Highly recommended.

Innovation. Jury is still out on this one as I simply enjoy the base game soooo much, I've only dabbled with the expansions.

  I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but to end this with an answer to your "regret" portion...

7 Wonders Duel. One of my favorite games of all time and we play it often. BUT... the expansion "Pantheon" is amazingly horrible. I LOATHE this expansion and it ended up in the trash. I promise I gave it a fair shake with about a half dozen plays, but it just wrecks an otherwise stellar game. Avoid this at all costs UNTIL you get to play someone else's copy and evaluate it yourself.

Great topic and I'm curious to see what others have to say!




Premium User6 months ago

Wow, you and I have completely opposing opinions on #7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon lol

Owner6 months ago

Lol. Reading your comment on Pantheon after seeing 's 😆

I reall need to try out Innovation at some point. I think I recall speaking highly of it on numerous occassions too?

Since it seems like you really enjoy getting expansions, did you ever get into Dominion and its expansions? Or something like #Marvel Champions: The Card Game, #Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Volume One, or #Disney Villainous? I'm somewhat glad that those games aren't the best fits for my family, because if they were, I'd have a hard time passing up on the new releases.

By the way, since I've never played Castles of Burgundy, I had no idea it has expansions! :D

6 months ago

It is funny that Pantheon could generate such extremes! My wife really liked it too, but I simply refuse to play with it. I suspect that is possibly the mark of a good expansion.

I DO like expansions! Something of a 'completionist' in regards to games.

As to Dominion... When I bought it, I bought the BIG BOX version that had several expansions included. This was early into our board game hobby and we went with many of the "Top Games". I think the CONCEPT of Dominion is pure genius, but the game is very dry and soulless. We played it about a dozen times and sold it. These plays included some of the expansion cards, but it never improved the base game for me.

  Deckbuilders are GREAT, just not Dominion.

I haven't played any of the other games you mentioned, but I understand they are well received and loved by many.

Moderator Level 16 months ago

Yes #Innovation is, in my mind, a great game.

Premium User6 months ago

I like good expansions that breathe new life into a game or in some way take it to another level, so I don't mind buying more content for a game that I love. If it's a game I simply "like" but don't love, I probably won't buy the expansion. There have been a couple of times when I bought the expansion at the same time as the base game, but that's rare.

Some of my favorite expansions I've purchased:

  • #7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon - takes the game to a whole new level strategically, without adding a ton of new rules. Probably not great for first-time players, but once you're familiar with (or even tired of) the base game, this is excellent.
  • #War Chest: Nobility - really solid expansion that doesn't try to do too much. It turns a weak option into a strong option, and adds some new units that leverage the new mechanism.
  • #Western Legends: Ante Up - you can rob a train. Need I say more?
  • The #Everdell expansions. While on their own, these expansions are merely "good", the mixing and matching I can do with them to get a different Everdell experience based on how we're feeling that day is really fun.

Some middling expansions I've purchased:

  • #Wingspan: European Expansion - it's basically a "more birds" expansion, and I honestly don't feel that it adds a lot to the game. The round end abilities are cool, but I could take or leave this expansion.
  • #Dune: Ixians & Tleilaxu House Expansion - honestly I don't have any specific complaints about this expansion, but I don't feel that it is necessary for our group. While the new factions are awesome (if more complex), there's a ton of gameplay in the base box, especially for a game that will get half a dozen plays per year if we're lucky, and probably closer to 3 plays. Still, it's nice to have these around for when we want to shake things up.

I don't think I have any that I really regret buying. The one that jumps out at me as an expansion I just have zero interest in is #7 Wonders Duel: Agora. It seems like it just adds so much "clutter" to the game, for lack of a better term, and Pantheon brings the base game basically to perfection in my eyes. I have no need for that one.

Owner6 months ago

Nice, sounds like you've gotten solid additional content on your favorite games! The ones you mentioned for War Chest and Western Legends sound the most fun to me :)

Premium User6 months ago

They are fun :)

I've only gotten to play with the Western Legends one once, though. I want to play that game again soon.

Supporter6 months ago

I'm glad you enjoyed the Western Legends Expansion, I also love the idea of robbing a train.  But right now Western Legends is on the bottom of my gaming groups "to play" list.

Premium User6 months ago

Ah yeah, gotta make sure you can get #Dune played :)

Supporter6 months ago

Right?  It's still in shrink wrap 😬

Premium User6 months ago

Any idea when that will change?

Supporter6 months ago

At the moment my gaming group has been into, learn a new game, play it two times in a row and consider it again for the near future.  It's been really nice because we've gotten #Root in a few times recently.  We also recently did our first/learning game of #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) recently, and I can not wait to get to that game again.  It truly is a gem.  The first play is still resonating with me a couple of months later.

And... I still need a couple of guys in my group to actually read Dune but maybe in the summer?  On a dry hot day, outside?  That would probably be approriate... just hope there are no sand storms and ruin the game pieces, haha!