Tiny towns in about 3 minutes


Today's recap is tiny towns, the short, but intense spatial puzzle game about drafting resource cubes and turning them into buildings in a tiny township. You can run out of space real fast in Tiny towns. A quick but intense game.

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8 days ago

Thanks for the video! Admittedly this one is hovering real close to our "sell pile" simply because of lack of space. Still want to give it a try with more people before we give up on it entirely. Great game though!

10 days ago

Great video. My kids really like this game.

10 days ago

The fact that you do both the resource placement as the building placement in the same area and manipulate your playingfield for the resources again is an interesting asynchronous cycle. This is a game with a masterful elegant game mechanic!

I still love this video format so much. You also explain it so clearly and with zero pretension.  I still need to see the behind the scenes video about your video production :)

10 days ago

Aint got time for pretense :)

9 days ago

Damn I know how to write pretention but my cellphone doesn't :p | my defense: English isn't my mothertongue ;)

10 days ago

Tiny Towns is great, and scales very well. Played with my parents and sister who are not too into games, and they all had a great time with it.

10 days ago

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New User6 days ago

Great video! Thanks for the giveaway!

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