Do buildings and tokens go back onto the player boards?

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When I was playing, it was unclear if the buildings and tokens go back into the slots on the player board or if they are discarded. Since it didn't say directly that they go on the board it seemed like the intension was that they were discarded. Is that right?

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25 months ago

nope they get put back on the player mats. this adds more to the srategy, actually because although you can get points for destroying them, your opponent can probably build them more easily, making their points easier to get!

25 months ago

I'm sorry to say, you're not right. According to The Law of Root section 2.5: 

"If one of your buildings is removed, return it to the rightmost empty space of its track."

"If one of your tokens is removed, return it to the rightmost empty space of its track, if any, or to your supply."

So if there's an available slot on your player board for that track, you return it to the track on the player board.

25 months ago

This is correct. Which is why I try to get the roosts out as fast as possible. It is also a good strategy for the mice to get their things destroyed so they can be put back out for cheap.

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