Skulk Hollow - Don't Dismiss The Simple Box Cover Art! It's a MUST Play.

I got to play Skulk Hollow recently and had an absolute blast! The mechanics of the game really fade into the distance and the feeling of being a band of her......

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Supporter19 months ago

It almost seems like you like it.... 

About the art, it feels like they tried to be "middle of the road ish" in terms of detail versus minimalism. That way they can make both campus ignore it. 

Owner19 months ago

Haha, I’m glad that’s clear.

Premium User19 months ago

I still like the art on the front. A little more color would have been more eye-catching, but I like the minimalism.

Supporter19 months ago

I do like the simple covers though :D
I hate box covers like Great Western Trail, very detailed art but it does not give you the feeling of the game.

Owner19 months ago

I still think GWT unintentionally got illustrated with missing necks. 

19 months ago

I've had this one for a while, we just haven't had a quiet two player night lately. Thematically, it's solid, and asymmetric games are something we really enjoy. 

Supporter19 months ago

I've heard so many good things about this one! Its a try before I buy for me. 

Supporter19 months ago

This game looks really cool. I like the art style. 

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