Empyreal: Spells and Steam in about 3 minutes


I don't care much for train games.

But take a train game, make it look wonderful, add a sackload of engine building, set in the same world as one of my all time favourite games, and make it about magic and weirdness, and all of a sudden i care a lot more about it.

Empyreal is an unusual game, but it works for me

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Owner10 months ago

Will watch this tonight! Also... What are you doing here J? (I'm trying to sneak in a game of #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) before the end of the day) 

Premium User10 months ago


Partner10 months ago

That's actually a different general. Perovsky is Russia, Clausewitz is Prussian. But i believe they were contemporaries. 

Premium User10 months ago

I was not expecting the Gold Medal!

Partner10 months ago

I mostly like that its different. That's a huge plus for me

Partner10 months ago

It was right on the cusp of "do i or don't I". But that was the tipping point. It was the first train game i've played in years that i want to play again

Supporter10 months ago

Wow! This looks amazing 

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