What did you play this week? (11/21/2022)

(11/21/2022) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Moderator Level 115 days ago

More plays than I thought there were last week!

#Imhotep - Wrapped up our game on BGA with and . I think I agree with theDL that I much prefer playing this at lower player counts. It just felt like the only strategy was to load a boat with your stone every turn you could and not really care about where it ended up.

#Everdell: The Complete Collection - This arrived a bit ago and I finally got it tabled. Everytime we see this in a store somewhere, it always catches Sarah's eye, so it wasn't too hard to get her to play it with me. Towards the end, I slowed the game down trying to do math to see if I could pull off everything I had hoped - something that doesn't happen to me very often. I'm blaming the new dad brain vs the game itself haha. Overall, we both really liked it although I will say the huge deck of cards brings it down just a tad for me. If gameplay weren't so reliant on finding the construction/critter combinations, it wouldn't bother me as much.

#Wingspan: Asia - Speaking of games with huge decks of cards, I received this the other night from my BGG Secret Santa! Upon opening the package, Sarah said we HAD to play haha. We played with the new duet mode which introduces a board where you place pieces of your color depending on different characteristics of the bird you played. It add's almost a network building component as the longest contiguous group of your pieces on the board will score you 1 point per piece at the end of the game. Wingspan is our favorite game so there should be no surprise we enjoyed it. As for the cards included in this expansion, a lot of them felt really powerful if you got the right combinations. I suppose this could be similar to how I felt about Everdell, but I think the game relies less on specific card combos and more on creating a good engine.

#Dog Park - Continuing our animal themed gaming weekend, I got Sarah to play this with me. Honestly wasn't too difficult as I backed the game at her urging lol. I played once before at 3 players and found it to be more challenging than I thought. Certain aspects of the game, namely the bidding for dogs, felt uncircumstantial and largely unnecessary. At 2, you play with an "auto-walker," which basically simulates a third player in that it will compete in the bidding for dog cards, push you to move faster down the trail, and be another "player" to consider when determining the breed expert bonus points at the end of the game. It was fairly simple to run and even simpler to see what dog it would be going for so you could either avoid competing for that dog or try to take it away from it. I was worried Sarah would find the bidding too mean, but she didn't seem to mind. She actually said that of the 3 animal themed games we played, this was her second favorite behind Wingspan. I don't know if I agree with that but I'm glad she liked it haha.

#Qwixx - We tried going 4 for 4 with an animal-adjacent themed game of #Aquatica, but the baby did not allow Sarah to direct her full attention at the game. She stated about 15 minutes into it that she didn't like it and didn't understand it. We agreed to retry sometime this week lol. Anyways as a consolation, she agreed to play 2 games of Qwixx. I guess this would be one of the few (if only) roll and write games I like. I really want to get all the sheets finished so I have a reason to throw it out though lol.

Premium User14 days ago

I disagree a bit on Imhotep.  I've only played it at 3 and 4 and you just have to think of the game differently.  Just putting rocks on boats won't necessarily do a ton for you. 

Part of it is figuring out what other people are going for and place your rocks on boats in spots that work for you in all of the potential spaces where they might send them.  On the other hand, it can be super effective to take a full boat and send it where all of those rocks do their owners little good.  Or even to take a big boat with one of your rocks in it and ship it nearly empty to deny those spaces to others.

It's certainly going to be less predictable than at 2 but it's a different way of approaching it.  (And not that I'm a super expert at it mind you.)  I'd be happy to play in your next game.  It's a great game I think. 

14 days ago

I agree with that I like #Imhotep at 3 and 4 player.  At 4 players, while there is a lot more chaos in the game it feels like each of your actions is impactful, especially when taking the sail action as if you move a boat that isn't full or if you move a boat to a sub-optimal location for the people on the boat.  I've only played at 3- and 4- player so I"m not sure how that feeling changes at lower player counts.

I've only played #Qwixx once and enjoyed it.  I still haven't played Everdell but want to at some point.

Moderator Level 114 days ago

How many secret santas are you in this year?

Moderator Level 113 days ago

Including the one I organized on here, 4 I think? Almost did another with one of my local meetup groups, but decided against it.

Moderator Level 112 days ago

Haha nice! One year I'd like to do it.

Moderator Level 17 days ago

Next year!!

14 days ago

 It just felt like the only strategy was to load a boat with your stone every turn you could and not really care about where it ended up.

That's what I tried doing and I lost. :)

I like it at 3-4 because it's interesting to figure out where other players want to go, and where you should be placing your stones on "their" boats. I agree that just placing stones is usually the most efficient action, but there are times when you gotta sail!

Thanks for the game!

Moderator Level 113 days ago

Yeah I guess that is true. I dunno, it just felt too random for me lol. I still had fun

15 days ago

Week full of relatively small games:

#Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade @4p - First time playing. Very interesting roll and write that is very faithful to the theme. We played the Cyberpunk board. I lost my first run after not realizing that I couldn't nudge it and knew I wouldn't win from that point. I managed to get 3rd place.

#Space Base @6p - Played with just the core group. All of them are some of the smartest people I know so it was surprising when I took an early lead by building a points powerhouse on 9. I focused on taking cards that allowed me to hit the 9 more often. Another player built his engine on 10 and we were neck-and-neck for most of the game before I finally pulled ahead and won. Most intense game of Space Base I've ever played.

#Draftosaurus @5p - I was itching to play this so a rounded up a few newcomers and introduced them to this simple game. We played both sides of the board. I was more focused on making sure they were playing correctly but I still managed to pull a significant win.

#Carcassonne @5p - We needed a quick game since a few people were leaving so we settled on this. I didn't really have a good strategy this time and just wanted to complete some cities (I never got a single cathedral). The only significant play was that I joined the contention of a pretty massive city and was able to kick out the original creators of it for a total of 30 points. I ended up in 2nd place.

#Race for the Galaxy @2p - I taught this to one of the players from the previous game and surprisingly he understood it fairly easily. I got the starter world which focuses on rare (brown) planets. I again focused more on making sure he was playing correctly and lost by about 10 points.

13 days ago

I do respect the design / theming of the roll& write pinball games. For me, they miss the mark, as I dislike the roll&write genre, plus I'm not a happy solo gamer (much as these games allow for multiple players, they are not genuine multiplayer experiences). For those that don't have those blockers, I see some good gameplay and especially so if working away from home and wanting to get some gaming in.

13 days ago

Yeah it was a little more solitary than I wanted it to be. My favorite flip/roll and write is Cartographers and it at least has some player interaction but there was absolutely no interaction here. I get that it'd be against the theme to be able to mess with other players though so it gets a pass.

14 days ago

Really light week for me as I only got a play of #Risk: Shadow Forces played.  We did the 2nd scenario which is a skirmish scenario.  Took the group a min to get into the scenario.  Thankfully the skirmish rules are about 2 pages long.  Unfortuntly, there was still a couple of questions that came up while playing.  We basically did the funnest answer to the questions.  Despite being a pretty simple scenario there were a couple stand up and cheer moments which happened, including when one of the players missed on opening a door when he only needed a 3+ on a dice roll three times.  The last time deteremined the winner. 

Had some pretty impactful end game activities that will impact the next game in the scenario.  I'm enjoying the game and looking forward to getting this to the table again at some point. 

Biggest complaint is that i was hard to tell who's mini was who's and which of their squad tokens belong to each other so I painted the bases this weekend and added a small dab of paint to the tokens to match.  Should make things easier moving forward.

14 days ago

Wow, hadn't heard of that one! I think my boys and I would enjoy it a lot.

And the minis are nice, so I can ghoul them when the campaign is over. :D

14 days ago

Yeah we've enjoyed the 2 games of it we've played so far.  This is the same group that has played through #Risk: Legacy twice so we enjoy this type of game.  I ordered it directly from Hasbro Pulse not sure if you can find it anywhere else.  I will say, like Risk Legacy, this plays best at 4+ players.

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Premium User14 days ago

Smaller amount of games this week but still had some great fun!

14 days ago

My IRL highlight last week was getting to break out #Union Station. It's a tiny little cube rails game, and the unique twist is that you can sell stocks and drop their value. I really liked it and am looking forward to playing some more.


Online, and I are going at it in #Wilderness War and #Rommel in the Desert on rally-the-troops.com. I've played some block wargames before, but RitD has just been amazing. The way combat persists from turn to turn, the ability to select different kinds of turns by expending supply cards, and above all the massive importance of supply lines interact in a really interesting way.


In other online news, I have finally ascended to reviewer status on Board Game Arena! (cue trumpets) Some of the alpha games I've been enjoying are #Super Mega Lucky Box and #Amerigo. The first is a light flip-and-write that is essentially improved bingo. Can't wait to get a couple copies of this and play it with some large groups.


And the second is a Stefan Feld that had somehow escaped my notice despite being a big Feld fan. So far, it's reminding me a little of #The Castles of Burgundy but with an interesting spatial element on the shared board.

14 days ago

I've been enjoying our plays.  The current game of RitD you're going to crush me but still having fun.

Premium User14 days ago

I'm up for more Rally the Troops if you want to play some more. :)