REVIEW: IMNIA Board Game – Our First Impressions


Last week we’ve received our early reviewer copy of Imnia – a first tabletop game by BlackSea Interactive. After some hours spent playing we could finally put together a proper review. So how is the game? We’ve collected all of our impressions below. Enjoy!

A Race for Victory

Imnia has a race-like feeling. The player who manages to build the first wonder wins. As the building process starts only after you reach the maximum level of influence – the game becomes naturally divided into 2 parts. The first consists of building your engine and progressing through the influence track, while the second focuses on generating the currency necessary to fund your wonder. You need a total of 42 currency units paid in three steps (7, 14 and 21).

To begin building your wonder you need to amass 14 points of Influence. You get them by creating buildings and when a rival uses one of your own. Also: some quests offer influence as a reward. Influence can also be decreased. This happens when you fail to protect your people before the winter arrives, when you visit your rival’s building or ... learn more 

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