Architects of the West Kingdom Board Game Overview

If you could build anything in your city, what would it be? We got the chance by playing Architects of the West Kingdom and even constructed a dungeon!...

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Premium User13 months ago

I greatly enjoy this game and recently purchased Artisans and love all the interworking dynamics.  I haven't had a chance to play with Artisans yet but I am confident it will be great.  After playing Architects I knew I was going to get Viscounts as playing the trilogy through with Tomesaga is an epic game night I plan to host at least once a year when social distancing drops to 3 feet and we start exploring normal around September. 

13 months ago

I don't own it, but have played Artisans too. I'm sure I'll end up buying Viscounts as soon as it is released!

Supporter13 months ago

I love the theme of this game.  Thanks for the review.  I really would like to play it at some point.  Maybe a Tabletopia evening? @Skurvy5 @philryuh

Supporter13 months ago

Renegade game studios? I thought it was garphill games. Do they work together? 

13 months ago

Garphill is based in New Zealand and are the creators/designers of the game. Renegade has US rights for distribution.

Supporter13 months ago


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