Solo wishlist.


This is a list of 5 games, in no particular order, which I really want for solo only play. Some of these are designed primarily for solo play, but some are multiplayer games.

  • #Too Many Bones, for rhapsodies of this particular game, check out 's post here.
  • #Nemo's War (Second Edition) Beautiful art, great theme, designed primarily for solo play..... Yes of course I want this. I spent many many hours of my childhood reading Jules Verne, I even seriously considered learning French, so that I could read his books in the language they were originally written. So, of course this game piques my interest.
  • #Renegade. This is a game designed by Richard Wilkins aka Ricky Royal aka Box of Delights. He is a noted designer of solo variants, including the great solo opponent, the Wakhan, that was included in #Pax Pamir (Second Edition). This game has frequently been discribed as a love letter to #Mage Knight so that interests me highly. Furthermore, solo gamers can play this in in around an hour.
  • #Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917 – 1947. This is a COIN game. The subject matter interests me quite a bit. And, it has a new cardbased AI rather than a flowchart based AI. It seems like it would be easier to run than the older COIN games. In addition, it has a non-violent faction, that in a COIN game seems like it would be a very intriguing twist.
  • #Nations. This is a basically a reworking of Vlada Chvatl's Through the Ages: a New Story of Civilisation. But, it has been simplified a bit, and the importance of the military has been pared down. This made it easier to design solo play for it, and it supports solo play out of the box. I would prefer Through the Ages, I think, for multiplayer games. But, for solo play I would like to give Nations a shot.

So, there are five games that greatly interest me. What do the rest of you solo gamers have on your radar.

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9 months ago

#Welcome to... and its Zombie & Doomsday Expansions

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition And the Green one too I think

I'd love all the #Aeon's End stuff because its hyped but it isn't a priority.

Waiting on the new #Sprawlopolis expansion Interstate and probably going to order #SpaceShipped at the same time.

9 months ago

Happy to have piqued your interest in TMB :) 

Supporter9 months ago

Just what I needed.... LOL

9 months ago

Hahah i felt that way about the Wishlist challenge, just what I needed, gotta look at my wishlist closer!

Owner10 months ago

I don't have much of a list for this category, because I constantly get them out of my wishlist. But they do come back to mind every now and then so I included them in the list below:

#Too Many Bones - #1 on this list. And 's first impressions drove it home for me!

#Nemo's War (Second Edition) - I'd like to see what this is about. It's hailed as one of the top solo games (just like all the other games in this list) and I'm curious

#Anachrony - I like the premise of this one involving time travel and a dystopian setting. Great production as well and I can see it having decently good tactile elements. Plus, the solo mode is by David Turczi

#Aeon's End - Lower on my list now that I'm set on Too Many Bones. Different games, but both involve a similar idea of boss battles

Supporter10 months ago

#Anachrony is an other game high on my wish list.

Owner10 months ago

I saw the essential edition listed on Boardlandia for $44 ( It was tempting but this would require you to PnP the official solo mode, which got removed for the essential edition and was placed into #Anachrony: Fractures of Time

Supporter9 months ago

I was in the same shoes.

Premium User10 months ago

Nice! Nemo's War has been on the top of my "solo specific" list for a while. It looks really cool.

Supporter10 months ago

And it is so beautiful 

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