CMON and Their Upcoming Kickstarter Games – A Look into 2019/2020 (UPDATED: August 2019)

2018 has been really big for CMON. They’re still far ahead of any other game publisher on Kickstarter, and have so far collected $46,623,586 from 292,214 pledges on 33 separate tabletop game campaigns. This year we’ve already seen HATE, Zombicide: Invader, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Arcadia Quest: Riders and Starcadia Quest.

What’s coming next? Will the following months be equally interesting? And how is 2019 shaping up for the company? Let’s find out!

Zombicide – Second Edition – 2020

Probably the most awaited CMON game right now. Fans have spent ages asking for a remake/upgrade of the initial season. You will again choose your favourite characters and work together to defeat the hungry horde and survive.

Second Edition of the beloved co-op zombie apocalypse game will consist of 25 different scenarios and a plot that can unfold in various ways. The gameplay is upgraded to feel like the newer installments (like Invader or Black Plague). The game will be fully compatible with older components, especially the survivors. There will be much more zombie minis, than in the past editions. New team of child survivors is being introduced as well.


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