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Most Interesting Characters...Game or Otherwise

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I started watching The Expanse again on Amazon Prime and find the Amos character to be an intriuging differentiation from the norm.  I get that he's the "brute" of the crew but his personality mix is a tad more intersting than say, "Jayne" from firefly.  It got me pondering what some of my favorite characters are in games or shows or movies in general:

Tyrion Lanister - likely a favorite of many.  His character was fun in both the books and the series.

Harrower - #Gloomhaven character that was compelling to play with and certainly one of the more chaotic characters I've used in any game.

Trash Panda - #Root vagabond (ok, not the trash panda, but someone in the game group called him that) is a great option to play with amid the other factions with more warriors.

Kaylee - One of my favorite Firefly characters (but I liked all of them).  I thought the cute mechanical genius was hillarious to watch throughout the series.

Soothsinger - another #Gloomhaven character that presents a very unique set of options.

Doc Holiday - My favorite character from Tombstone.  An absolute gem if you haven't seen it.


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28 days ago

I really enjoyed how quickly we built personalities and histories for our characters in #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. I think it is a credit to how the game created story through mechanics rather than fluff. We attached to these characters and would be constantly imagine what they were doing or saying within the game.

Outside of games I really like the character of Todd Brotzmann in Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency. He is one of very few genuinely dislikeable protagonists: he isn't a rouge with a heart of gold, or a anti-hero who targets folks even worse than him so it's kind of okay. He is cowardly and selfish with no redeeming features. As such, his growth in the show is so much more significant (not just him having to have self-confidence or realise that the good was inside him all along, which is okay and there are great shows with that as a character-arch) and he has to face up to some genuinely awful things he has done in the past. I just really appreciated the show for doing something a bit different.

Supporter28 days ago

There are some really cool Rebel heroes in#Star Wars Imperial Assault. I can't remember all their names off the top of my head right now but there is a Mandalorian character and she is really awesome. I also really like the former Clone Trooper character. 

Otherwise like others have mentioned -#Gloomhaven has some amazing characters. My favorite was the Beast. 

In Film my favorite character is Ahsoka from Star Wars. She is incredible. 

29 days ago

I haven't played enough story-based board games to really name one with any interesting story arc or substantive depth, but #Cosmic Encounter probably has the widest variety of interesting character powers ever, and they kind of let you create your own stories. You can be an alien that marries and divorces opponents, one that asks your opponents yes/no questions which become binding obligations, one that is allowed to commit a variety of rules errors that newcomers often make, and so many others.

Some of my favorite film characters:

  • Jesse and Celine from the Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy. These movies are so well-written and give such deep insights into these two people whose lives intersect for a brief few hours
  • Bill from Kill Bill Volumes 1&2. Shrouded in mystery and preceded by the most dangerous people on the planet, he's built up to be an incredible badass. The final confrontation with him is such a surprise, at once living up to your expectations and also throwing them out the window.
  • Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. Quite possibly the most menacing film character in recent memory. Unflinching, seemingly unstoppable, and unforgettable.

29 days ago

You've got some #Gloomhaven spoilers in your post.  Might want to put them in spoiler text.

Speaking of Gloomhaven, the Sun was one of my favorite characters in that game.  The class mechanics really fit the way I like to play in group settings.

Donatello from #Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Change Is Constant is another of my favorite characters to play.  He's always been my favorite and I just really enjoy his play style in that game.

I also really got attached to the Operations Expert in #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1.  We named him Oscar and I really enjoyed how he helped the team.

I don't find that I get that attached to characters in movies / shows though there are a few.

Spider-man in general has always been my favorite superhero.

I think most of my favorite characters come from books.  There is a series called The Wheel of Time that has so many good characters in it: Mat, Rand, Perrin, Egwene, plus many others.

Premium User29 days ago

Non-Boardgame characters the man in black from the latest west world is definitely intriguing.  There  are so many possibilities mind you.  That’s just the first one that came to mind  

Biard game wise it’s harder as not  a lot of characters really get fleshed out in a board game.  Except for abilities many of the, are blank slates for the players to possess  

There is an interesting character in #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris that I can’t go in to details on.  That’s the first e that pops up for me.


Premium User28 days ago

I forgot about the rise of debris character! I would have included that as well.

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