Trouble with the refer a friend feature.


Anyone else having trouble with the refer a friend link for the latest board game giveaway?  I just get redirected to the main page which states I'm already logged in. 

Does anyone have the link?  

I've got some friends I've been trying to get on this website and this seems like a great time to do it.

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15 months ago

That makes much more sense.  Thanks!

Owner15 months ago

Ah, I think I know the issue. I made it confusing. So if you click on that link, since you already have an account and is signed in, the link does nothing for you (you'll just see a message that says you're signed in).

I edited the post and included this link ( instead of having the word "link" with the hyperlink.

All you need to do is send that link to your friends to click on and they'll be able to sign up and also include your username as a referral. Thanks for bringing it up!