What did you play this week? (11/22/2021)

(11/22/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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10 months ago

Over the past week, the list is small but worthy. 

#T.A.C.O. THE GAME: With the family. It is a popular one to bring to the table on a weekend evening. 

#The Networks: I play this one solo on the tabletop once a month on average. Love the theme and winning is a challenge.

#Patchwork (BGA): Great game and it translates well to BGA. 

#Lost Cities (BGA): I love he nuance of the discard row in the middle, but though I enjoy this game, I often feel like the card(s) I am waiting for is at the bottom of the deck and getting a starting hand of 6s and 7s is hard to succeed from.


Premium User10 months ago

Lots of games again this week, including a real big one!

  • #New Frontiers (BGA): Second play for me.  I like it but I don't think it replaces #Race for the Galaxy.  It's a good alternative though.
  • #CuBirds (BGA) x2: A fun light little game.  Definitely works well on BGA.
  • #Viticulture: Essential Edition (BGA): I just find this one very enjoyable.  The BGA implementation is good so it's nice to toss a game on now and then.
  • #Azul (BGA): One of my all time favourites.  The BGA implementation is good.  I think I prefer sitting at the table with other people but this is fine as an alternative.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS) x2: First two missions of #Marvel Champions: The Card Game – The Mad Titan's Shadow using my Thor aggression deck.  We managed the first mission pretty handily but the second mission had us to where one extra attack point would have lost us the game.  We went from there to a victory in a game that went longer than we thought it would.  But yeah, this is way better balanced that the #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Galaxy's Most Wanted expansion.  A lot of fun!
  • #The Search for Planet X (TTS): Another game that I enjoy and is fast enough to tag on at the end of the night if the first game was short.  I actually managed to find planet X first but did so poorly the rest of the game that I still lost.  Ah well.
  • #Nippon (BGA): I think I've had my fill of this one.  It's fun enough but there are so many more games I would rather play. I see people selling it for multiple hundreds of dollars on ebay and I can't imagine paying that much for it.
  • #Hardback (BGA) x2: Tried this one with my gaming group and loved it!  I've been playing several games with the BGA BGA crew and frankly doing poorly.  I tend to just focus on buying cool letters rather than coming up with a plan that lets me create the same long word over and over again.  Oops.
  • #Russian Railroads (BGA): A classic and a favourite.  Always one I will play.  Really looking forward to #Ultimate Railroads.
  • #High Frontier 4 All with various expansion (Physical): And finally the big one.  Man do I enjoy this game.  I'm going to do a preview/light review of it because one game is not enough to fully review it.  There is just so much to think about and talk about in this game.  It's definitely an experience game as fate can be fickle and a lot of work can go for naught if you take too many chances.  But man, there is a TON to think about and you have to be strategic in the patents you acquire but tactical in finding something useful to do with them.  Strategic in thinking about 3 major steps ahead but tactical in the minor steps you take to get there.  And that map.  Oh man do I love that map.  Great game!

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Give me all the rambling reviews! Lots of great games this week for you!

Premium User10 months ago

It's up!

Premium User10 months ago

Working on it but having some trouble uploading photos.  Maybe later tonight. 

Moderator Level 110 months ago

The only games I got in this last week (first games since my birthday game night two weeks ago) were once again on my semi-monthly game night (too much time off coming up for Thanksgiving and too much work to do).  Three of us played

#Draftosaurus two close games with both games within six points and the winner ahead by two

#The Castles of Burgundy: 20th Anniversary Edition I received this for my birthday and it was the first time to get it to the table (I've only played it once on Board Game Arena).  It took a while to set up and explain, but we all had a lot of fun.  I lead by a large margin for the first half of the game having completed smaller sections early, then the other two surpassed me and I lost- 219, 189, and 177.  I was the only one that didn't go for the largest pasture area.  There's a lot more to learn about this game and I so look forward to it! 

10 months ago

#Draftosaurus has become my goto game when I only have a short period of time. Love it!

Moderator Level 110 months ago

So happy you got to play CoB!! It's always a hit with everyone I ever introduce it to. And yeah those large pastures are killer!

Premium User10 months ago

The castles of burgundy is a classic for a reason.  Such a great mix of tactical and strategic thinking!

10 months ago

Pretty light week for me overall.

#Arctic Scavengers - got my first 3 player game in.  Felt like the game went a little long but that could just be learning game issue.  Got a couple of rules wrong that we figured out after the game but overall had a pretty good time.

#The Quest for El Dorado - wrapped up game night with this one.  I came in a very distant last place.  Fun as always.

Skipped my normal Thursday game night to throw a bunch of darts instead which was a nice break.

First Thanksgiving party on Saturday and played

#Can't Stop - always a good time even when I bust with 2 runners left :(

#Bandido - my 6yr old nephew wanted to play so we got 3 games in.  Won the first and ended up with 12 and 15 openings left in the 2nd and 3rd game.  

Premium User10 months ago

I almost got rid of my copy of Arctic Scavengers but then I got a good 4 player game going and realized I had to keep it.  It defintely could be a little more clear sometimes although after a play it fell in line for us.  The deck building with the combat is just a great combo which is why I also enjoy #Vikings Raid & Conquer Game.

10 months ago

Yeah i can see that.  Of course it helps I got my copy for free as part of a package that a buddy sold to me.  I've got at least 1 other gaming group to try this with that I think will like it more.  I'm hoping a couple more plays solidify's my decision to get/keep it ;)

Supporter10 months ago

I've owned Arctic Scavengers for years and have never gotten to play more than 2 players. I feel like some of the cards I still don't fully understand. Like the Sniper and Saboteur.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - Got to my weekly meetup group a little late. A couple people were just starting to get into the rules for Arnak, so I jumped in and of course kind of got stuck teaching lol. I won by a pretty large margin but only because no one seemed to be taking full advantage of their turns and just let me run up the research track as fast as possible. Really really fun game.

#Hardback - invited me to play a game of this on BGA with and . Despite my hatred of this game, I joined lol. It actually isn't as bad online as it is in real life. I still largely suck at spelling, so it's not exactly my cup of tea, but we're currently playing another game of it. I can't hate it too much, right?

#The Castles of Burgundy - Sarah has been itching to play this game and finally got her fill of it Friday night. We played with the #The Castles of Burgundy: 8th Expansion – Trade Routes cards that came with my copy of #Notre Dame: 10th Anniversary. I felt it added a TON to the game. It gives incentive to actually sell your goods and do so strategically as so you're not missing out on bonus actions. We got my brother to play with us too and all of us scored over 200. Great game!

#Wingspan - We visited my in-laws over the weekend and of course brought a bunch of games. Sarah's sister requested Wingspan because, like Sarah, she's kind of hooked lol. We played at 4, and I kind of ran away with the win though I didn't feel like any of us were doing particularly well. Can't see any game taking over as our favorite.

#Sushi Go! - We've had a physical copy of this for awhile, but kind of forgot about it. Introduced it to Sarah's siblings and they were addicted pretty early on. Ended up playing 3 back to back games.

#Similo - An established favorite of the in-laws. Now that we have more combinations of boxes, we of course had to share it with them. As always, we played 4 games with each of us getting to be the clue giver once.

#Fantasy Realms - For some reason, Sarah didn't think her siblings would like this, but I brought it anyway lol. They loved it of course and I realized there's an expansion for it. Had no idea but of course you know me, it's high on my wishlist lol.

#The Pursuit of Happiness - Picked this up in a trade with BoardGameCo when my Secret Santa and Ghost Turkey sent me the same gift. It's been on my wishlist seemingly forever because I've been confident Sarah would like the theme. I won a very close game and as expected, we enjoyed it quite a bit. We do see how it could get stale after awhile, so it might fall by the wayside like #Suburbia did for us.

#Sagrada - The convention we attended a few weekends ago gave out a promo window card to use for Sagrada. Sarah suggested we play this yesterday with the promo. Probably wasn't the best idea to use the same window as each other, but we did it anyway. Surprise surprise, we tied lol. Sarah took the win with the first tiebreaker.

#Gunkimono - Another game I got in the BoardGameCo trade. I enlisted my brother to give it a go. It was pretty simple - he compared it to dominos and I think that's pretty apt. We had some pretty high scores so I'm not entirely sure I was scoring things correctly, but at least I was consistent? He beat me by a ton but I still had a good time playing.

Premium User10 months ago

I definitely enjoy hardback although man did I do poorly in our game!

Fantasy Realms kind of sneaks up on you.  It doesn't look like much but when you play it it's enjoyable!

Moderator Level 110 months ago

I did way worse than I thought I did and this game we're in now feels a lot closer for everyone!

And yeah Fantasy Realms has quickly moved up my top games list. Such a great time.

Moderator Level 110 months ago

Lots of fun in this list! 

Moderator Level 110 months ago

#Viticulture: Essential Edition at a buddies house witth three others.  

#Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs with Becky and again with the same group as Viticulture

#Viticulture: Essential Edition on Arena

#Railways of the World on Arena and joined a second game after only getting 17 points on the first one...:P

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - I've probably played this 25 times on Arena, pretty much have a game running all the time (or three!)

#Furnace - played two games at BGG Con.  Great short engine-building game.  I look forward to adding this to my collection soon.

#Masters of the Night - demoed this at BGG Con playing about three to four games.  Nice co-op.

#Deep Vents - played about a 1/2 game as four players to learn the game

#Anno 1800 - played a game of this at BGG con

#Tapestry - played the BETA on Arena twice.  

#Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - learned this one on BGA a few weeks ago and playing a second game with friends.