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It is very possible that I missed the post but I have been looking for some good solo games to play. 

I love fantasy and dungeon crawling games but I am very open to suggestions. Currently I have the following games being delivered: Friday, Exit: The Sinister Mansion, Hero Realms, LORTR Card Game and One Deck Dungeon. 

My wife is a nurse and works nights so I am hoping to find a few games to play when she is at work. 

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13 months ago

Some great ones for solo are:


#Roll Player

#Fantastic Factories

It's also not too late to pledge for Dice Throne Adventures & Season One: Rerolled!

I absolutely love #Dice Throne, but for solo you have to play both characters. DTA will have an actual solo mode!

Supporter13 months ago

Solo gaming is so much fun. I never imagined that I would grow into one but it’s very rewarding. 

#Gloomhaven is INCREDIBLE as a solo game. You can play and enjoy the game so much faster as a solo player (because you don’t need to wait for your game group to meet). 

#Star Wars Imperial Assault is also amazing solo. So much fun. So much Star Wars!

If you want to get away from dungeon crawlers there are tons of other rewarding solo modes. #Terraforming Mars and #Underwater Cities are two of my favorites. #Paladins of the West Kingdom is amazing too.

All of the games I listed here also have great multiplayer modes too. So fun all around!

Supporter13 months ago

You may want to watch this.  I just got an e-mail about it.

SU&SD Solo PNP Video

13 months ago

Right on! Thank you 

Premium User13 months ago

I've never bought a game strictly for solo play, but I do have a few games that have a solo mode. My favorite game for solo play is #Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North. It's not at all like what you listed as your preferences, though. It's a tableau/engine building card-based game.

Supporter13 months ago

I’m now to the place where I am buying games strictly for solo play. It’s strange but here I am! And I love it. 

13 months ago

Thank you, I have heard great things about that game. I will check it out 

Supporter13 months ago

A lot of games have solo variants even if they don't have official solo versions and they are usually very good.  Having said that my top three games solo are

#Scythe, #Clans of Caledonia, and #Viticulture: Essential Edition

Supporter13 months ago

Scott knows good games. 

Supporter13 months ago

Yeah I do.

Supporter13 months ago

So I'm the opposite of @philryuh. I'll like my solo games big, meaty, and sprawling. You will need to find your own solo preferences. So, for that reason I would advise you to stop buying games for a little bit. Mess around with the ones that are coming on Saturday for a bit and figure out a bit more what sort of experience you are looking for. With the paremeters you listed #One Deck Dungeon and #Mage Knight would be great fits. But they are very very different games and a lot of people will love one and really dislike the other. 

Solo gaming is a rich and fulfilling hobby. I hope that you have great fun in it. 

In terms of what games I recomend, I don't have much in the fantasy/dungeon crawl genre. If you want pretty big expensive games, I hear good things about both #The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, and #Mansions of Madness: 2nd Edition. These both have the same game system that is partly controlled by a app. But these are both fairly pricy games, and should be looked at very carefully before you buy them. They also be fairly complex. 

There a few resources that I unreservedly recommend for solo gaming. The first is a the Solosaurus podcast. They review solo games in audio format. The next is a blog you can find at 

13 months ago

Thank you. I downloaded the podcast and will check it out. 

Supporter13 months ago

Solosaurus is AMAZING. It’s my favorite podcast now. 

Supporter13 months ago


Owner13 months ago

Hmm which games have you played solo before? It'd be nice to know what your preferences are because I personally have a different preference when it comes to multiplayer vs. solo experience. For example, I prefer my solo games to be light on the amount of setup and teardown time, shorter than 1 hour if possible, and low on the amount of different pieces you need to keep track of/move around each turn.

#Friday is a great game by the way! I've been playing it a bunch on the app, but the nice thing about the physical game is that it's not one of those card games that require you to shuffle a bunch throughout the game. I've heard great things about #One Deck Dungeon as well.

Along that line, maybe you could also check out #Aeon's End since it has deck-building and a type of theme that I think you'd like. I'm sure other more experienced solo gamers here can chip in but here's a page where someone compiled the top 100 solo game in 2019:

Edit: #Roll Player is another one that you might be interested in. As for me, most of my games are ones I bought knowing that they're great multiplayer games with a solid solo option!

13 months ago

Right on! Thank you