How realistic are you wishlists?


I've been thinking about this question some, lately.

There are at least two kinds of realism that I think of in this context. 

The first is plain and simply the probability of playing the game. If I don't currently have time to play 1 hour games, I probably shouldn't be buying a lot of 4 hr games. If I don't have a game group TI4 may be a bad choice for me. If I don't like heavy games, maybe I shouldn't bebe buying a lot of COIN games.

The second part of this question about how real you are on your wishlist has to do with the likelihood of acquiring the said game. I really really want the black box edition of Glory to Rome. But, with its scarcity I don't think I will ever buy it. A lot of the Chip Theory Games catalog fits this category for me. If I'm spending $130-150 on a game, there will probably always be something higher on my wish list.


So, how do you keep your wishlist? Is it pretty realist? Or is it more idealistic?

For me, I think it is mostly realistic. That does not mean that I treat my wishlist as a shopping list. Not does it mean that I don't buy games that aren't on my list. But, I do think it is mostly, not completely, realistic.

This does remind me of something that I wish we could do on our BGA wishlists. On BGG you can weight your wishlist by your level of interest. I do wish that we could do something similar to that here on BGA. 

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Owner9 months ago

Mine's almost 100% realistic. I update the list every two months or so and throw out games that I know I won't buy in at least a year!

Supporter9 months ago

Wow, that does sound dedicated.

9 months ago

Hmmm, I think my 'wishlist' tends to be more a list of games that I would buy if I were to find a copy going cheap. So I think in terms of playing the games my 'wishlist' is pretty realistic as I am fortunate enough to have a few different groups with whom I can play so can find people who will enjoy a certain game.

In terms of whether or not I will ever acquire those games is probably more luck based, if I stumble across a cheaper copy I will get it, if not I likely won't.

For Example, with TI4, it wasn't even on my 'wishlist' as even I wouldn't be able to buy a reduced version, it was only when I was incredibly lucky to get to GAW wins in short succession that it suddenly became an option. I don't know if it will be played many times a year, but it is ceratinly one I reckon I will be able to get to the table from time to time when I organise a TI4 day :D

Premium User9 months ago

I would say mine is certainly reaslistic at this point in life.  I plan to play all the games I get and generally get them to the table.  If they sit too long and don;t get played I sell them or trade them if possible.

Supporter9 months ago

I have 3 mental wishlists. Personal, Family, and Dream. Personal and family are realistic lists that I could conceivably acquire soon-ish. Dream is just that- a dream. You mentioned Glory to Rome, that's a good example. 

Supporter9 months ago

I definitely think I have a mental "Grail" list as well. 

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