This will be a weekly post to leave your suggestions and feedback for Board Game Atlas! Some things to think about are:

  • Feature requests (be creative, think wild!)
  • How can we make your experience here even better?
  • Mention your favorite/least favorite feature
  • Suggestions for industry professionals to interview (designers/artists/publishers/content creators/etc.)
  • Bugs/annoyances
  • Any comments/feedback really? For example, can you think of a good name for this post? :)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Supporter11 months ago

To kick things off, some of my thoughts are:

  • Aesthetics: I want to up the contrast between the background and the foreground elements (the background should be slightly darker). I feel like everything blends in with each other, especially the home page. I think the dropdown windown pane will look good if it matches the color of the logo, while the text for the subcategories are in white.
  • Feature requests: Ability to tag users in comments. Have a default image assigned for article posts without any images in them (currently displays our logo 100x in size). Allow combining/sharing/adding game lists by others. Ability to filter through your game lists to help select the right game(s) for your next game night.
  • Bugs: Since I use the article feature a lot to post interviews, my biggest beef is that the embedded pictures sometimes move around when I select it to try and leave captions.
  • Other comments: I like the changes in the top bar!

Supporter11 months ago

I have vague ideas rather than detailed ones. 

I’d like to be able to see where the “action” is on the site.  Where are conversations happening?  What is being talked about the most?

I’d also be interested in a way to be notified when new posts show up under games I’ve flagged. 

I am liking the new game filters options you created discovering games is something I enjoy and I’ll be perusing those filters to see what is out there. 

in a similar vein perhaps some kind of “similar to” function might be cool. If I like a game then hit the button to see what games are like it. 

A friends list with the ability to do a combined and compared list would be cool too!

11 months ago

I love that it's one-stop shopping.  You list if it's the lowest ever price, and you list the prices at all of the popular websites to shop at.  Thanks for compiling that for us!

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