BGG Import and errors in logged plays

I don't know if this happened to anyone else here, but I recently turned the BGG Import on and the imported logged plays are weird. They came without the winner information, and worst, without the players, having overwritten the second player with "You" and counting my user as the first one. That's a shame and really annoying, because like that the statistics are kind of useless. 

Is this a known issue? Does anyone know how to fix it?


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11 months ago

Mine are the same. In addition to your observations, it records scores but everyone seems to be in 1st place and the Win/Lose entries are not used. Weirdly, it does record location quite well.

I also had an issue because when I first tried it everything from and got imported as well. So I had to go through and delete a thousand or so erroneous entries.

11 months ago

Exactly. I don't know the internals of BGA but I do know the BGG API and the information provided there is pretty straightforward, and one can even filter the entries for just BGG and not the other sites. I'll fill up a bug report. 

9 months ago

I imported from BGG for the first time a few days ago and I'm seeing the strange behaviour mentioned here:

  • "You" and Chisel/chizcw are separate entries
  • Most of the actual players are missing from the imported play
  • I believe that none of the entries have imported the "Win" status/winning player.

Owner11 months ago

I'll take a look at all these issues. Thanks for tagging me @BenjaminK

11 months ago

Yes, I had similar issues with missing players and duplicate plays of games.  I deleted all the data, but while the plays count seems to have gone unchanged, the data never showed up again.

11 months ago

Just gonna tag @trentellingsen so he's sure to see this.  :) 

11 months ago

I also just noticed that I received an email saying the import was successfully done, but my reviews weren't imported at all =/

Partner11 months ago

Reviews on BGA = Comments on BGG (not threads). Were your comments not imported?