KS - Starlight

Curious if anyone is backing #Starlight on here and if so, what compelled you?

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Supporter11 months ago

This was so enticing to me.  I posted about it like a month ago.  But I held off until it is actually released because the company doesn't have any history yet and the price tag was high.  

I'm hoping after it releases the reviews and play throughs will sell me on it though.

Did you back it?

Supporter11 months ago

I had some of the same concerns. 

11 months ago

No for the same reasons you mentioned.  Part of me just wants to wait for the first few review copies to ship.

Supporter11 months ago

Totally.  If this was a trust Publisher who's games I already own or have played and loved it would have been a lot harder to pass up.  I've always been interested in a game that puts together both ground and space combat.

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