Board game table giveaway

Hey all, 

I tried to add this to the giveaway page but I can't seem to get it to work :( 

So I figured I'd put it here until I get that working:

It's for a pretty sweet looking gaming table with all the extras which I know is something that I would love to have but would never shell out for.

Do any of you own gaming tables? Has it been worth the expense?


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9 days ago

I can see the benefits of having a table but my wife's not into them. She thinks even with the smooth table top they look gaudy and awkward. I'm not too bothered by that as ultimately it's far more of a luxury than a necessity.

Supporter10 days ago

Got the Jasper on Kickstarter and love it. Worth it for us because it keeps food and drinks off the table. Makes playing more comfortable, make pieces much harder to loose (which is more of a problem when you have kids and pets). I've only done it once, but we can leave a game set up and put the table toper back on.

9 days ago

Nice, yeah, I can imagine it being not having to search around on the floor for that one cube that is the same colour as the carpet

10 days ago

I have a 6x4 foldable game table from ALPHA and I like using it when I can.  It is flimsy and can't be used for much more than gaming.  I was able to take it camping this past weekend and use it under a canopy for several games.

That being said, I would very much like to obtain a nice gaming table that could second as a dining table or even a work station in our sunroom area.  

9 days ago

Yeah, the properly fancy ones would easily make a good dining table (with cup holders!)

11 days ago

Entered! Thanks for the post! I'm in the same boat as you - I would love to eventually have a gaming table but they're just so expensive..

9 days ago

Yeah, I think maybe a long way in the future I might end up getting one, as a retirement gift to myself :D

9 days ago

Hahahaha retirement sounds manageable! 

11 days ago


9 days ago

Good luck

Supporter12 days ago

I have a foldable card table. It's neither big enough for most solo games nor is it attractive. But it's what I've got for now. 

9 days ago

I end up playing most of my games on the floor because we don't have a big enough table :D

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