Forum Moderation Update


We’re making two changes to the forum.

The first change is a clarification on the forum guidelines for what is allowed. Which as a reminder are

  1. Keep the discussion about Board Gaming.
  2. Be Nice. If it's hurtful to a group of people, it probably doesn't belong here.
  3. Don’t Spam. Content creators share your stuff! Pharmaceutical companies stay away.
  4. No sexually explicit content or violence/disturbing imagery.

We’ll be adding a line that gets at the idea of no political, social or religious discussions. We don’t have the final wording but that is the direction of what will be added.

The second change is a new set of features for you and for moderators to help with following those guidelines. Some features include comment locking and a better reporting system.

Here’s the reason for the changes.

BGA needs to be a place to discuss board games that everyone is welcome to. Over the past few months it hasn’t felt like that is true for some members. I’m sorry for not addressing this earlier but today is certainly better than tomorrow.

We’re expecting to introduce the changes over the next few days and will make a full announcement sharing everything once complete as well.

With regards to any comments or posts that don’t meet these clarified guidelines, we’ll be going through and taking action on them and talking to the authors as well individually.

If you’d like to talk through your thoughts regarding these upcoming changes please feel free to ask questions and, if you’d like, you can do so privately by messaging me as well.

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24 days ago

This is a wonderful initiative as long as it is enforced fairly. If you, for example, allow posts that call out a certain game as sexist or non-inclusive but remove posts that disagree with the premise, then we'll only have BGG all over again. And I am saying it now, I will not remain in such a place.

Like I said already too many times, I am not going to start any discussion about controversial themes, but others may. If those threads do not get removed (which would be probably the best solution), I just want to be allowed to respectfully express my opinion about the topic.

Owner24 days ago

Under the new guidelines threads like that would get removed and we'll be working on the report tool to encourage surfacing these kinds of topics more to see it. I'd encourage you to simply use the report tool rather than engaging in furthering the discussion on something outside our guidelines.

24 days ago


23 days ago

I 100% agree with removing the entire thread immediately if it tries to bring politics into a board game discussion, regardless of what side it's taking. 

We can have enough fun debating the pros and cons of games and other aspects of the hobby, which of course we would never disagree on 😉

23 days ago

"If you, for example, allow posts that call out a certain game as sexist or non-inclusive but remove posts that disagree with the premise, then we'll only have BGG all over again. And I am saying it now, I will not remain in such a place."

I completely agree with this. I have no interest in talking politics or social issues on a boardgame site, so I don't have a problem with the mods limiting discussion to that end. But if you have any integrity at all, you must enforce that evenly on both sides of a given issue.

Moderator Level 123 days ago

I have enjoyed this community, and I appreciate the steps you and others take to keep it positive, friendly, supportive, and welcoming.  Glad to be here!

Owner24 days ago

Also, no one has mentioned this yet but Board Game Atlas in the past has supported and promoted certain things in the world like the Black Lives Matter movement and donating to Rob Searing when he went through a difficult period in his life.

We do care about the things that affect people in the world and choose to promote and support things that fall into the realm of political, social, and religious issues. However we won't be having debates and discussions about those topics in our forums and will follow our own guidelines in that regard as well.

Premium User24 days ago

Thanks for the update! How does this apply game-related topics that cross over into social discussions (or other divisive realms of conversation)? Thinking about discussions around controversial game themes, representation, etc. I personally tend to avoid those conversations online anyway, but obviously many people find it worthwhile to engage in them and I could see people taking issue with posts like that being removed (assuming those posts are truly on-topic).

Owner24 days ago

This particular scenario is what we thought a lot about. It would be likely that discussions on those kinds of topics would fall outside our guidelines and be removed.

It's of course a case by case basis but even though those discussions could be centered around a game, it could be a mask for social, political, and religious views and debates. Those are healthy discussions and conversations that can happen on another platform.

Premium User24 days ago

Sounds good - thanks for the reply!

23 days ago

I think that is a good choice; we don't need politics in our board game discussions. Let's focus on the games!

24 days ago

I haven't seen any problems on here myself but thanks for keeping it a safe place!