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Possible Bug Around Game Counts?

Premium User

I've noticed that I am missing a bunch of game plays from my logged plays list.  I lost ~17 plays from Gloomhaven and 21 plays from Love Letter for example.

I am thinking these might be ones I imported from BGG that are missing?  Just a guess.


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Owner51 days ago

Seems like BGG import feature is still quite buggy. tried tackling a few times a while back but it wasn't an easy fix. He's hoping to get through these bugs once the BGP "migration" is done with. Sorry about the trouble!

Premium User51 days ago

This is a bit different. They were already imported and there. I noticed today that gloom haven only showed 16 plays when it said 33 a while back. (Which matched bgg)


Premium User51 days ago

Unrelated to this exact issue, but I noticed when I log a play let's say now (it's 9:40pm here), it always gets logged as the following day (around 12am) and I have to go back in and adjust it. Could this be a time zone issue?

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