1st solo play: Parks, Robinson Crusoe, or New Bedford?


I've never thought too much about solo play, but this week's challenge has inspired me to give it a go. It looks like the 3 games I have with the solo option are Parks, Robinson Crusoe, or New Bedford...which one do you think is best as a solo game and why?

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Owner10 months ago

I'd personally go for #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island. I've heard the solo mode in #PARKS is decent but it's not one that I'd find compelling enough to play often. Robinson Crusoe is also listed under the top 10 solo games voted by BGG's solo lovers :)

10 months ago

I haven't yet played the solo mode for #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island, just 2-player, and it already feels difficult with two people. I'd be interested to see how it feels as a solo game though with Friday and Dog added.

#PARKS is definitely light-hearted, not a lot of thinking involved, but some strategy in preventing some of the bad effects of the rangers from occuring. I LOVE #PARKS in general just because it is such a beautiful game and makes me feel happy when I play it :) I will admit that there isn't a ton of variation between plays in the solo mode, which makes it a little less compelling to play often as said. But if you're about the aesthetics and a calm game moreso than deep strategy, it's perfect!

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Supporter10 months ago

I don't know you, and I don't know your tastes and preferences for gaming, and I haven't played any of these games. So, take all my comments about these with a healthy load of salt.

That being said. Robinson Crusoe is widely regarded as one of the best solo game experiences out there. Unfortunately it has a quite complicated set of rules. And, it seems like many of the rules are hard hard to remember. Also, if you like a deeply strategic, and totally deterministic game, this may not be for you. You may lose because of some bad die rolls. But, I do understand that it offers a compelling story.

Parks is a fairly simple game. It might be better suited for a first solo play.

I don't know much about new bedford.

SO, If you feel up to it and have the time to learn a complicated game, I would say try crusoe. If you don't have the time try parks or bedford.

10 months ago

Thanks! I've played Robinson Crusoe quite a few times with 2-players, so I would just need to adjust for any differences in solo-play rules. Sounds like that might be the place to start. Thanks!

Supporter10 months ago

May fortune go with you. 

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