Friday Fun -Board Games Go To Hollywood

Our toddler loves Moana and when it was on the other day, Mr. Saint and I joked if Spirit Island was a movie it would be Moana. I thought what a fun thread it would be for everyone to cast their favorite game as an existing movie! So what movies would your favorite board games be? 

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Owner11 months ago

Great idea for a post :D

I've had the exact same thought about #Spirit Island before! Here are some that come to mind:

#Root - Disney's Robin Hood (this idea is inspired by someone.. I think it might have been @nealkfrank or @theDL a while back)

#Atlantis Rising (second edition) - Disney's Atlantis

11 months ago

I vaguely remember this but I am not confident enough to say it was me lol. 

11 months ago

I like this!

- #Bus could be the classic Keanu Reeves film Speed

- #Brass: Birmingham it is not a movie, but the TV show Peaky Blinders fits the bill here really well!

Premium User11 months ago

Lol Speed. So good!

For some reason when I look at Brass, I think of There Will Be Blood, despite the era and industry differences, haha.

11 months ago

I got a kick out of the Speed idea lol. 

It has a similar dark and industrial vibe so it could work despite the differences!

Premium User11 months ago

What I think of when I think of driving a bus:

Premium User11 months ago

Fun idea! In continuing with the Disney theme...#Oceans would be Finding Nemo. Some other favorites:

  • #The Fox in the Forest as the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood
  • #Everdell as the cartoon tv show Redwall
  • #Dune as...Dune. But the hopefully awesome and hopefully 2020 version, not the David Lynch version from the 80s.


Comment deleted.

11 months ago

Great casting for all three! I had to look up Redwall. I had never heard of it but now am interested in watching it, lol. And also, I had not heard they were remaking Dune and after seeing the cast, I'm pretting excited for it too. 

Premium User11 months ago

Oh man I am so excited for the new Dune movie. 🤞

Premium User11 months ago

From the perspective of Old World population, I see #Chaos in the Old World as Army of Darkness. Hail to the king, baby!