BGA Hacks Q&A


Board Game Atlas Hacks is live! If you want to build something great using our API you can win some great board games! We've got over $300 worth of prizes that we're excited to send out!

If you have

  • API questions
  • Feature requests
  • Want ideas

Just post a reply and I'll answer it!

More hackathon info:

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Supporter17 months ago

We re not following up with the Hackathon schedule? Or I am looking at the worng place?

Supporter17 months ago

This post was just more of the announcement that it had started. I'll be up doing a Q&A at 9am Pacific like the schedule says as well :)

Supporter17 months ago

I found the other videos, so I was looking at the wrong place :)

Supporter17 months ago

Would it be possible to include a JSON object with the reviews as a summary of the data:- number of total reviews- ratings average- number of reviews by rating (1,2,3,4,5 stars)Maybe even a filter to chose only the 3 star ratings for example.

Supporter17 months ago

Okay! All your feature requests are complete! There's now a 'include_summary' parameter and a 'rating' parameter which should get you all the functionality you were requesting.

Supporter17 months ago

Yes. I can work on having that. I think I'll make it as a parameter called include_summary so that it can be added if you want that but without it by default to return the data faster.

Supporter17 months ago

I have a question regarding the user reviews. If I try to get them from the API the server returns me the TOP POSTS section of the game detail page, how can I get teh USER REVIEWS?

I send the following request:

And it also returns a review without description.Where do I go wrong?

Supporter17 months ago

Take out the word game it's just /api/reviews. The URI you're using is to get "external reviews" like links to articles and such which are now forum posts.

Here's an example with your filters