Top 5 games I don't own (and maybe never will)

So one of the best things about other people is that they also own board games which means I get to play all sorts of games I wouldn't chose for myself (I like people for other reasons too.... I guess).

Here is my list of games I have played and loved but don't currently own for one reason or another:

5) #The Ancient World (2nd Edition) - One of my favourite worker placement games, has some really enjoyable mechanics, the way armies function is brilliant and is just all round good fun. However, I have a number of games that fill fairly similar niches so don't think I will splash out for it, however, would recommend it if you are looking for one.

4) #Rising Sun - I really liked so much about this game: the baked in alliance mechanic, the fact that turtling wasn't an option as points are scored for controlling different territories throughout the game. The upgrades were fun although sometimes a little much to track for other players. And the combat was just brilliant as you are both trying to guess what the other actually wants out of the battle. However I probably won't ever buy this game for a couple of reasons: the miniatures are massive and in my view often unnecessary, this bumps the cost up significantly and I am unwilling to part with that much money. Secondly it has a lot of similarity to #cry havoc which I also love and I also want to get  # :root at some point. Not sure I need so many asymmetrical area control games in my collection 😁

3) #Keyflower - Only played this once at a board game café but had such a good time. The sheer number of Meeples you are playing with is amazing. The option to either use a tile or bid on it for future use really interesting, the fact you get to use other people's tiles but then they get your meeples the next round is great. And it has such interesting engine building opportunities. It is such a solid game. The only negatives I have are that the artwork is a little bland and the houses you use to hide you meeples seem very flimsy. I think the main reason I may not buy this game is that it is a bit of a heavy game and not very thematic, so can imagine it falling flat with certain people as you really have to invest in it to get the best out of it.

2) #Nemesis - I have a lotnofmlive for Nemesis, it is a gloriously thematic, mechanically sprawling game. I feel like they threw everything they could think of into at and yet somehow it works. You run around partially working together to keep the ship from falling apart but mostly selfishly trying to achieve your own goals, at which point you can just jump ship and watch it explode if you like. The (unofficial) alien theme is great and really well captured and you are certainly on the run from them for the most part as the game rarely gives you an incentive to suicidally try to fight them. There is so much fun n this box, I highly recommend you giving it a try. It is pretty rules dense, and I know we have made a few errors in previous plays but it has in no way stopped the game being a blast! The main barrier to me for this game is price, it is very expensive but otherwise I would grab a copy without hesitation.

1) #War of the Ring (Second Edition) - an absolute gem of a game, it so captures the story from the books, a truly terrifying hoard of evil spilling across the land and a disorganised group of people's ill prepared to stop them. However, both sides feel very up against it, as the free people you have such limited defenses and as the shadow player you just don't have enough time to get your armies everywhere as the seemingly unstoppable fellowship races to mount Doom. This game is deep and nuanced, thematic and highly strategic. It takes half a day to play but the time absolutely flies as you are just so immersed in the world. The main reasons I don't currently own this game is that my friend already does and we make a point of trying to play it together semi-regularly. I don't have anyone else I would likely play it with as it has a huge learning curve. If I ever move to a new area and find someone who is keen I can imagine myself forking out for it (has quite a hefty price tag). Or I might decide to try #Star Wars: Rebellion instead as I have heard good things.

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Supporter10 months ago

All of these are games that intrigue me mightily. I might buy some of them if/when I move back to the states. Rising Sun and War of the Ring are the two that intrigue me most in this list. But, I have not played either one.

10 months ago

If you can find someone who is willing to commit to playing it I cannot recommend #War of the Ring (Second Edition) enough. The only thing I can imagine is if you don't have someone, it being very difficult to get to the table.

Rising sun, if you have the disposable income and you enjoy area control it's worthwhile. But I am sure there are cheaper options that are also great.

Supporter10 months ago

Yes, I have even thought about getting #War of the Ring (Second Edition) and playing both sides against myself. I actually noticed that #The Battle of Five Armies is on preorder at Gamenerdz, I am toying with the idea of getting that. Of course, there are a lot of two player, especially war games, that I have thought about doing that with.

10 months ago

Hmm, that could be interesting, if you ever do I'd love to hear how it worked/didn't.

Supporter10 months ago

I will certainly share my experiences if I end up doing that. 

Premium User10 months ago

Oh nice, I've looked at #The Ancient World (2nd Edition) before and thought it looked interesting. Good to know!

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