GAMES NEWS! 11/02/19

Matt: Good morning, Quintin! I awaken from a vivid dream in which the twist at the end of Return of the Jedi was that the whole thing was entirely being imagined by a man called Ryan who worked in...

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26 months ago

A new version of Burgundy I might have to get it now.

Owner26 months ago

I know Burgundy is supposed to be good but it just doesn't really have any appeal to me. Have you played it before? What do you like?

26 months ago

I've played Burgundy maybe 8-10 times and honestly I don't get the appeal either. It's not that deep, the balance between player boards is really poor, and there aren't many winning strategies in my experience. It's a game I win a lot but rarely do I enjoy my victories.

26 months ago

No but dice and territory control games go over well with a number of people in my family. I didn't pick it up yet since there was talk of a new version. I play a bit of everything but my days of MTG and Warhammer are long behind me now.