Best Rated, Most Expensive Tabletop Games That Will Probably Hurt Your Wallet

If you wanted healthy wallets, it's probably not a good idea to get into this hobby. With the soaring popularity of tabletop games, decrease in production costs, and major game changers such as Kickstarter, the landscape of tabletop gaming has changed and given rise to a new line of quality games with much higher price tags.

Here are the best rated, most expensive games published in the years 2015-2019 (MSRP shown):

Gloomhaven $139.99

Gaia Project $84.99

Twilight Imperium 4th Edition $127.49

The 7th Continent

Clockwork Wars $71.99

Too Many Bones: Undertow $85.00

Do you own any of these games? Have you ever regretted buying them? Would you recommend these games to others? Tell us below!

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15 months ago

Which one would you buy?

Supporter15 months ago

Out of the ones here, I'd go with Gaia Project.

Supporter15 months ago

I still haven't gotten my head into any heavy games so most if these seem daunting to me

Supporter15 months ago

I have Gloomhaven.  I would consider Gaia Project.  One of my other game group buddies owns Twilight Imperium 4th edition.  You only need one copy in a given group! 

If I could actually get 7th Continent for $66 I might consider that one too.

Supporter15 months ago

Got that price from the first pledge level from their first Kickstarter. I'm not even sure if The 7th Continent is available for purchase & hope I'm not bursting anyone's bubble with the info xD

Supporter15 months ago

I am pretty sure $66 is not possible at the moment.  I see them going for several hundred on Ebay and craigslist.

Supporter15 months ago

I did see that it was listed as ~$550 here but couldn't see where that was being pulled from. I'll edit the info later with a bit more "accurate" info

Supporter15 months ago

You'll probably never catch me buying a game for more than say.... $60, but out of all of these I'd probably go with Gloomhaven

Supporter15 months ago

I'm intrigued by 7th continent. I almost backed it but didn't.

Supporter15 months ago

I got Gloomhaven in the kickstarter for $100 I think?  Definitely do not regret it.  20+ games in and I'm still not bored of it.

$66 for the 7th Continent base set?  Where are you finding that?

Supporter15 months ago

For 7th Continent I got that from the lowest pledge value from their first Kickstarter. But besides that level I saw all the other levels are way more expensive haha. Let me know if you think that needs to be edited! 

Supporter15 months ago

I have been thinking about buying just the reprint cards of the basegame 7th continent (starts around $50 on ebay), and make the other components myself. Is there anything necessary I would miss on ?

Supporter15 months ago

I don't have any of those, but that doesn't mean I haven't paid that much for a game. One of my largest single game spends was a copy of Star Wars the Queen's Gambit. I painted the whole thing and have more than gotten my value out of it.

I have spent way too much on Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Core Set. A lot of it was trade, but I haven't touched getting my money out of that one. I do regret that collection a bit.

Far dwarfing that is my collection of D&D merchandise. This includes all of the Reaper Bones KS, all of the Dwarven Forge KS, multiple editions, thousands of hours of painting, the purchase of a 3d printer etc. It has been worth every single penny.


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