30 Points in Solo Mode!!!!


I finally reached 30 points on solo mode in PARKS. It took me 8 solo plays to finally reach that mark.

I finished with 6 parks visited [North Cascades National Park - 4, Grand Canyon National Park - 4, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - 3, Zion National Park - 4, Channel Islands National Park - 2, Everglades National Park - 4], a personal bonus of two, 6 pictures taken and the first player token.

I am very happy with the game overall and pleased that this was the first Kickstarter project that I backed.

I wasn't sure how much longer I would have to go. What was crazy was my first two solo playthroughs of the game I scored 29 each time. I started off thinking I would get to 30+ pretty fast but alas the game showed me otherwise. I am pretty pleased with scoring 30 on my 8th attempt.

If you have played PARKS solo, have you reached 30+ yet? How many attempts did it take you? Did you feel that you should have reached 30 points quicker than you did?


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Owner18 months ago

Great that you're enjoying it and that your first kickstarter worked out haha. I still haven't played myself but heard great things from @trentellingsen. I'd like to try it out with my wife some day. The theme resonates with me very well.

Sounds like Trent needs to try and beat your score with another marathon

Supporter18 months ago

That would be a good marathon to watch.

Owner18 months ago

I'd have to put on the nature sounds in the background too to set the mood.

Supporter18 months ago

I haven't tried nature sounds yet. I used Melodice's playlist. I might want to try that out next time.

Supporter18 months ago

This sounds like fun!

Supporter18 months ago

Wohooo! Congrats! 

Supporter18 months ago

I'd love to check this game out. I love the look of it.

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