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Return to the Gloom (sort of)

Premium User

After sitting on my shelf for about a year I finally decided to get #Gloomhaven down and spread it out on the table in my office.  Why?  Well, had the solo quests and rewards sitting off to the side for quite some time now and as I work toward more gaming sessions with masked gaming in my garage I had a brainstorm...what if I ran the solo scenarios for each of the characters folks play in our 4-5 player campaign?

So that's what I started.  I'll post vidoes of my runthroughs as a short series on my channel when time permits.  

So far I have completed the Brute solo scenario.  It was challenging and I litterally won with my last two avaialble cards and if I had crit missed I might have lost the scenario!  I am now working through the Cragheart scenario.

Now that I've played with all but one character in the base game there aren't too many spoilers to worry about.  Definitely all the starting characters.  I figured it would be fun for each person in the group to have a special item to take into the scenarios and see how it plays out.  Most folks aren't terribly experienced with Gloomhaven and so it shouldn't feel too overpowered.  Even for experienced players the items still take some work to use effectively.  

Have you played the solo scenarios before and if so what do you think about earning the items to use in a multiplayer campaign?  

What do you think about trying to win a scenario with a single character?

I have often remaked that dollar for dollar Gloomhaven is one of the best values in boardgaming given how much game there is to play.  What do you think factoring in these solo scenario options?

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Premium User49 days ago

Got my playthrough with the Brute posted .  I'll post the Cragheart playthrough once it uploads.  I plan to do the Scoundrel next and then the Mindthief or Spellweaver.  They are quite fun and aside from having to set up and tear down I really enjoyed the process.  

Apparently I have the Cragheart link but it is still uploading...

Premium User50 days ago

If I weren't so set on seeing JOTL through with  Sarah I would definitely give it a try solo. Of course at the snail like pace we're going who knows when if ever we'll finish it up. 

Regular Gloomhaven is far too massive of a game for me to ever want to own myself. Totally happy playing my friend's copy :P

Supporter51 days ago

I love#Gloomhaven as a solo game. Like you mentioned the sheer amount of content alone is enough to justify the price. Plus playing it solo means you can play as much as you'd like without worrying about coordinating schedules with a group. 

Ive not actually played the solo scenarios. Definitely something I should look into.