Interview: Shem Phillips, Designer Of The North Sea And West Kingdom Trilogies

Game Design

In this interview, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Shem Phillips, founder of Garphill Games and designer of many board games, including the ‘in the North Sea‘ and ‘West Kingdom‘ trilogies.

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4 months ago

If I had to pick from his games, not that anyone asked, I love #Viscounts of the West Kingdom, though it may because it was the last one I played and it is fresh on my brain.

4 months ago

#Viscounts of the West Kingdom is my favorite from him also. It helps that my daughter really enjoys it and will regularly ask to play. She has gotten quite competitive at it too.

4 months ago

So much talent in one person. Great interview!

4 months ago

Thanks, QbertJones! It was an honour to interview such a talented designer.

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