Black Friday Deals 2019

Thanks for joining us for Black Friday! We'll be updating this list throughout the day. 

When you're comparing prices on games, please click the links from and to the stores. We receive a small referral bonus, which helps to keep things running around here.

Some sale prices may not be visible until you click through to the store, or add an item to your cart. 

7 Wonders $29.99 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

75 Gnom' Street $5.70 Cardhaus*, $6 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Agricola (boardgameprices)

Alien Artifacts $14.97 at Game Nerdz, save $30.03 (boardgameprices)

Alien Artifacts Bundle $18.99 at CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Apollo XIII $6 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Arkham Horror: The Card Game (boardgameprices)

Arkham Horror: Third Edition $38.97 at Game Nerdz, $38.99 at Power to the Meeple (bgp)

Atlas: Enchanted Lands $4.75 at Cardhaus*, $5 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Aviation Tycoon ~$13 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Bastille (boardgameprices)

Battle for Souls $19.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Carcassonne (boardgameprices)

Castle Assault: Premier Edition $12 at Game Kastle (boardgameprices)

Catan (boardgameprices)

Catan: Traders & Barbarians (boardgameprices)

Ceylon $30.99 at Power to the Meeple (boardgameprices)

Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Redview $13.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Citrus $14.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Clans of Caledonia (boardgameprices)

Codenames (boardgameprices)

Codenames: Duet $11.99 at Power to the Meeple (boardgameprices)

Codenames: Pictures (boardgameprices)

Dark Souls $66.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Dark Souls: The Card Game $24.97 at Game Nerdz, save $25.03 (boardgameprices)

Dead of Winter (boardgameprices)

Discover: Lands Unknown (boardgameprices)

Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark $18 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Dragon Valley (boardgameprices)

Embark $9.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Everdell $36 at Game Kastle (boardgameprices)

Exit: The Polar Station (boardgameprices)

Fallout (boardgameprices)

Flip City $6.49 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Funemployed (boardgameprices)

Futuropia $30.97 at Game Nerdz, save $38.98 (boardgameprices)

A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch $47.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Gen7: A Crossroads Game $60 or less at Cardhaus*, Game Nerdz, Power to the Meeple, Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Gentes $21.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters (boardgameprices)

Gunkimono (boardgameprices)

Journey: Wrath of Demons $63 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

KeyForge: Age of Ascension - Starter Set $8.75 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Keyforge: Call of the Archons Starter Set $20 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Kharnage $11.97 at Game Nerdz, ~$14 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake $20 at Game Surplus (boardgameprices)

Kobold $12.50 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Haxtec Metal Dice Set price & discount varies by color (boardgameatlas)

Letters from Whitechapel $25 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Llamas Unleashed (boardgameprices)

London Dread $21.83 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition (boardgameprices)

Marvel Strike Teams $21.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Merlin $29.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices

Mice & Mystics (boardgameprices)

Mythotopia $13 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

The Ninth World $24.97 at Game Nerdz, save $25.02 (boardgameatlas)

Pandemic (boardgameprices)

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (boardgameprices)

Patchwork (boardgameprices)

Pioneers $24.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Ponzi Scheme $14.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Prosperity $10 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Ranking $7.99 at Game Kastle (boardgameprices)

Riverboat $40 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Ryu $11 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

The Sands of Time $23.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Shadows: Amsterdam $14.25 at Cardhaus*, $15 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Sierra West $24.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Small World (boardgameprices)

Splendor (boardgameprices)

Spyfall (boardgameprices)

Star Wars Destiny: Two-Player Game (boardgameprices)

Star Wars: Imperial Assault $59.97 at Game Nerdz, save $39.98 (boardgameprices)

Super-Vampire $12 at Miniature Market (boardgameprices)

Teotihuacan $27.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Ticket to Ride (boardgameprices)

Ticket to Ride: First Journey (boardgameprices)

Ticket to Ride: New York (boardgameprices)

Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails (boardgameprices)

TIME Stories: Under the Mask (boardgameprices)

Trade on the Tigris $19.99 CoolStuffInc (boardgameatlas)

Wasteland Express Delivery Service $39.97 at Game Nerdz (boardgameprices)

Zombicide: Green Horde $59.99 at Game Nerdz, save $40 (boardgameprices)


Orders over $150, use BLACK-FRIDAY-2019-OVER-150-5OFF to get 5% off order

Orders over $250, use BLACK-FRIDAY-2019-OVER-250-10OFF to get 10% off order

Free shipping to the United States for orders between $200-800CAD, or $11.95-14.95CAD (for orders in the Continental US). 

Asgard $43.46CAD (boardgameprices)

Auf der Walz $112.46CAD (boardgameprices)

Ceylon $41.43CAD (boardgameprices)

Count Leery $14.96CAD (boardgameprices)

Fast Forward: Fortune $11.67CAD (boardgameprices)

Festival of a Thousand Cats $11.67CAD (boardgameprices)

Futuropia $34.77CAD, save 40% (boardgameprices)

Ganymede $24.02CAD, save 35% (boardgameprices)

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake $19.47CAD, save 35% (boardgameprices)

Motion Pictures: Movies Out of Cardboard $22.72CAD (boardgameprices)

Qwirkle: Erweiterung 1 $28.46CAD (boardgameprices)

Realm of Sand $24.67CAD, save 35% (boardgameprices)

Reworld $11.98CAD, save 60% (boardgameprices)


Double points back on rewards through Cyber Monday.


Save 15% off by adding games to your cart. Also 5 Boardlandia bucks for every $100 spent.

Arcadia Quest $60.00 - 9 = $51 (boardgameprices)

Catan: Starfarers $79.20 - 11.88 = $67.32 (boardgameprices)

The Colonists $71.99 - 10.80 = $61.19 (boardgameprices)

Empires of the Void II $57.49 - 8.62 = $48.87 (boardgameprices)

The King's Dilemma $56.79 - 8.52 = $48.27 (boardgameprices)

Lowlands $55.99 - 8.40 = $47.59 (boardgameprices)

Mage Knight $63.36 - $9.50 = $53.86 (boardgameprices)

Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry $57.49 - 8.62 = $48.87 (boardgameprices)

Star Wars Armada: Super Star Destroyer $169.96 - 25.49 = $144.47 (boardgameprices)


*10% off with code TG2019

75 Gnom' Street $5.70 (boardgameprices)

Apocrypha: The World $42.75 (boardgameprices)

Arcadia Quest: Riders $32.79 (boardgameprices)

Archmage $35.99 (boardgameprices)

Atlas: Enchanted Lands $4.75 (boardgameprices)

The Boldest $40.47 (boardgameprices)

Gen7: A Crossroads Game $56.95 (boardgameprices)

Shadows: Amsterdam $14.25 (boardgameprices)

Star Wars Destiny: Awakenings - Booster Display Box (36) $24.99 (bgp)

Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War Booster Pack Display $24.99 (bgp)

Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion Booster Pack Display $24.99 (bgp)

Game Surplus

30% off site-wide sale with code holiday2019, valid 11/29/19 through 12/2/19.

Atelier: The Painter's Studio $20 - 30% = $14 (boardgameprices)

Arraial $30 - 30% = $21 (boardgameprices

Fuji $25 - 30% = $17.50 (boardgameprices)

Heaven & Ale $35 - 30% = $24.50 (boardgameprices)

No Peace without Spain $50 - 30% = $35 (boardgameprices)

The Phantom Society $25 - 30% = $17.50 (boardgameprices)

Reworld $20 - 30% = $14 (boardgameprices)

Ticket to Ride: 15th Anniversary Edition $38.00 - 30% = $26.60 (boardgameprices)

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