What to get?

Freedom!(4 votes) 57%
Stronghold (2e)(0 votes) 0%
Days of Ire(2 votes) 29%
878 Vikings Expansion(1 vote) 14%

7 votes


So I am trying to decide what to get with my giveaway win.

  • Unfortunately, the games on my previous list aren't currently available in the UK so here is my new list of what is available:
  • Stronghold - a two player fantasy asymmetric siege game
  • Freedom! - also a two player asymmetric siege game, but historical
  • Days of Ire - only hold over from the last list, asymmetric historical game pandemic/twilight struggle hybrid
  • 878 Vikings Expansion - asymmetric historical light wargame, I've really enjoyed this game, wondering if the expansion is worthwhile

As you can see there is a bit of a theme for what I am currently feeling an itch for.

Would love to know your guys thoughts!

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16 months ago

Freedom seems to be the Strongest contender here...

16 months ago

Indeed, it is the one I am leaning towards, however #Spirit Island just became available, so now I am unsure all over again :D

Owner16 months ago

I voted #Freedom! just because the cover looks nice.... xD

Very interesting to see your gaming interests, especially with their 2p focus.

16 months ago

The art design does look very cool, plus all the events are pretty historically based. You should read up on the 'Third Siege of Missolonghi'. It is equal parts fascinating and a reminder of how brutal life is.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

I voted for days of ire, because I want your report o it. And it is the one I'm most intrigued by. 

16 months ago

It has been on my radar, it seems to combine all kind of fun ideas. My only concern is if it will get played that often.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

That I cannot answer for you.

16 months ago

I'd be surprised if you could

Supporter16 months ago

Expansion all the way!