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Marvel United Review | Board Game Quest

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Supporter2 months ago

Thanks for the review!

Premium User2 months ago

Thanks for the review! This is certainly a unique theme I've surely never seen before LOL

I'm not the biggest fan of Marvel but I'll always check out Marvel themed games for my in-laws. They like #5-Minute Marvel and have attempted #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. Still on the fence about how well the latter went the first couple times but the theme is more than enough to get them to come back. I'm thinking the minis would appeal to them here. Do you think #Marvel United is just as light and easy to learn as those or is there anything else you'd recommend (with minis of course lol)? 

Partner2 months ago

100%! Marvel United is a pretty light game. Each hero has a similar deck, and there are only 4 icons in the decks (move, attack, superpower, or wild). The villains are what really change things up. But if you start with Red Skull, he's pretty straight forward. 

It's not as light as 5-minute marvel, but definitely lighter than Legendary. This one is a great gateway/family game. 

Premium User2 months ago

Thanks! Onto the wishlist it goes!

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