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What game are you most thankful for!


In light of today's holiday, instead of thinking about what game you want next, what is a game you are thankful is part of your collection?

Happy thanksgiving everyone! Please make responsible choices regarding Covid and everything else. Stay healthy and enjoy the day!

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Premium User51 days ago

Probably #Wingspan cause it's one bird I won't be cooking today

51 days ago

I dunno... that Greater Praire Chicken looks pretty darn good...
... But at the same time, too majestic to eat. Now I feel torn.

Supporter51 days ago

lol. If I'm not mistaken there are turkeys in Wingspan too. 

50 days ago

I've definitely haven't seen all the birds haha. I've only played it a few times, so I'll have to take your word for it! 

Supporter50 days ago

I haven't seen all the birds either! Only played once so far. 

Supporter51 days ago

I am going to say #Pax Pamir (Second Edition). This was a grail game ever since I missed the first kickstarter. Now, I have it, and it is awesome.

Supporter50 days ago

If my FLGS every actually gets my copy in from their main store in California this could creep up.  At this point #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) may end up being a Christmas Gift to myself.

I too am glad I got it even though I didn't end up going after the first (or second) KS.  I feel very lucky to have it in my hands (well figuratively in my hands at this point).

Supporter49 days ago

Awwww man.... Still not there. Is Covid slowing it down somehow?

Supporter49 days ago

I mean my FLGS gets new games all the time (at least once a week if not more) and told me it was coming from their main office/warehouse over 2 weeks ago (which I believe is in California)... so the only way I'd think it was slowed down that much is if the person who is delvering it is walking it out from California, haha.

Supporter47 days ago

Hey you never know. Maybe your FLGS hired a low environmental impact delivery service. 

Supporter47 days ago

Ha!  Well they finished their walk this weekend and now it's ready for me to pick up!

Supporter49 days ago

There is that. 

Supporter51 days ago

Great answer! I just realized I used the wrong punctuation in my post title. Oops. 

Premium User51 days ago

Did you!

Supporter51 days ago

That's hilarious. I didn't even notice? Or did I! 

Supporter51 days ago

I can't tell! Are we all so excited;

51 days ago

Its great to be enthusiastic about thankfulness!

47 days ago

I enjoy so many games in my collection, but the one(s) I'm most thankful for are because of the memories and good times playing them.

#Chess My grandfather taught me when I was 10-13. He always started with the exact same 3 games, the first a checkmate in 3 moves. My grandparents helped us move from Oregon to Utah after my dad passed away, and we played about 10 games of chess those two weeks together. I was just shy of 14 and I won my first game against him fair and square. It caught him off-guard as he would have checkmated me in two moves and he didn't see it coming. I won two more times. I later taught my son how to play chess as a young boy scout. He still likes the game.

#Rack-O and #Rook were two of my mom's favorite games.  I have both of them and played Rack-O last week with my wife.  I haven't played Rook in years.

#6 Nimmt! (although we have the French version of it) was given to us by our French exchange student two years ago.  It's a family favorite, and we take it on trips with us and teach new people. (Even played it on a Mexican cruise!) Funny story-while translating the rules for us, he discovered his family had been playing it wrong-they had adapted it for his four-year-old sister.  He enjoyed much more once he started playing it correctly.

#Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle My niece gave this to me for babysitting her 3 year-old daughter one weekend so she could attend a women's conference with my wife.  It's been great for the whole family and we have a lot of fun with it.

Supporter46 days ago

These are awesome stories and memories. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a great family. 

46 days ago

(I think they're great!) 😊

47 days ago

I don't have it in my collection, but when I was younger #HeroQuest made me realise, (board) games don't need to be limited to what it's components and rulebook dictate.

I'm grateful for that

48 days ago

In my country board game is still a very niche hobby, the board game most people knows about are the like of monopoly or werewolf. I myself tried and had fun with Uno and Exploding kittens, but that's about it. One day some friend let me play #Ticket To Ride and that piqued my interest greatly. Now here I am 2 years later with a collection of 30 games, all start from that simple game that was able to pull me in.

Other than that I guess I would be thankful for #Concordia , mostly because it test my tolerant for euro game. Anything more complex than that is a no go, as I'd rather play concordia at that point. Thanks to that I don't have a collection chockful of point salad euro lol


Supporter47 days ago

Awesome! It's always fun to read about how people get into the hobby. A few point salad euros are fun but it's good to have a diverse collection for sure. 

Partner48 days ago

Great question!  I am thankful for Castles of Burgundy -- the Yucata implementation is sooooo good, and has given me hours of enjoyment with friends from around the country. It does not replace my weekly board game nights, but having a stead diet of Feld games waiting for me is the next best thing! 


Supporter47 days ago

What is the Yucata implementation? I'm not familiar with that at all. 

Partner47 days ago hosts a number of euro games, all sanctioned and supported by the publishers. It is free to play and supports asynch play with lots of different play counts. 

The Castles of Burgundy is a little hard to find (it is in the "T"s instead of the "C"s.)  Here Is the link to the game:

Let me know if you want to try it! I am BoardGameGumbo on Yucata and always up for a CoB game. 

Owner48 days ago

I would've said #Catan but I don't own it haha. I'll say #Viticulture: Essential Edition instead but it's the same idea. It's what sparked my board gaming time with my wife and what spurred on future purchases :)

Supporter47 days ago

You can be thankful for#Catan! It still counts even if you don't own it. I am thankful for #Catan also.