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How do you see your wishlist?


So, what is your wishlist? As I was thinking about my wishlist, I realized I have a mental tiering system for the games on my mental wishlist. I would love to have the ability to tier the games on my wishlist here on BGA, so, and there is some feed back for you....LOL

  1. My top tier is games that I will get, sometime, somehow. These are generally games that have been on my wishlist for awhile, and are attainable with my budget. I don't know when I will get them, but, I am planning on getting them sometime somehow. I have done a lot of research, and I know that these are games that will click.
  2. My second tier consists of games in which I am highly interested, but, something is holding them back. Most of the time the thing holding me back is simply more research. They very well might move into the first tier with more research, of course, they might fall off the list with more research but generally it doesn't happen like that. The other thing that holds these off the top tier is price. Most of the Chip Theory Games, the Lacerda games from Eagle-Gryphon, #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, etc... These are games that would be in the top tier, except the price makes so that I might not ever get them. There are also games that I don't know will see enough playtime because of the player count. The last game I got was Imperial Struggle. This is a longish two player game. I think I will love it, it wasn't very expensive. But I probably won't get to play it super often because of the combination of weight and player count.
  3. This is the tier of games that I am interested in, but I don't know enough about them yet. These are often new games. I have heard enough to be interested, but, I haven't heard enough about them yet to move them up or bump them off.

So, how do you treat your wishlist? is it a list of games that you need to get? Or, is it a list of whatever your personal hotness is right now? Do you have some sort of tiered system like mine? Or do you have different sorts of tiers? Somebody said that they have a list for specific audiences. They have a list they want to play with their family, etc.... I do have that as well. But, I think that the tiers I outlined above are my primary way of thinking about my wishlist.

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Supporter5 months ago

I've kind of already talked about this a tiny bit but I do a similar thing to you.

I have a realistic wishlist with games that are feasibly purchasable and readily available. This would be similar to your Tier 1.

Sort of similar is my dream list which is a part of your Tier 2 - games that are too expensive, not great player counts but seem interesting, games that aren't available, etc. 

I used to keep up a list of games that I wanted to get to play with the family but that's fallen off quite a bit simply because my family just isn't that interested in playing board games. There are currently only 2 or 3 games on that list and I've pretty much stopped adding to it. 

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