Hades Trap: Battle in the Maze and Beware the Minotaur

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"Is this a video game?" I hear you ask. "I thought this was a tabletop site."

Hades Trap is a new board game inspired by 16- and 32-bit adventure video games of long ago (the 90's). It's a competitive game for 2 to 4 players where you explore the maze, avoid the Minotaur, and try to be the first to collect enough medallions to save humanity.

You can get an Early Bird copy of Hades Trap, with all unlocked stretch goals and your name in the contributor list, for €19 (about $22). You can get all that plus a copy of the Legacy-Campaign add-on for €32 (about $36). 

Check out the campaign before Monday, March 16th (it ends very early Tuesday March 17th in the US). 

Go to the Kickstarter!

About Hades Trap

Players select a character, each with a unique power, to maneuver around in the maze and collect medallions. 

Euridyce can walk through a wall, Theseus can stun other heroes, Odysseus can change thread colors, and Andromeda can get an extra action point.

Each character has a corresponding action board. The action boards show you both how many action points you have available and what items are in your inventory. Note that dual-layered player boards have been unlocked as a stretch goal!

Players start with 6 actions on a turn, and can choose between Moving, Interacting with the Board, and Using Items.

Moving includes going off the edge of the board on one side and coming in on the other side, like in classic video games. Players can push an opponent by moving to a space occupied by them. Players must spend 1AP to flip a tile on the board before they can move on to it.  

Interacting with the Board includes actions such as going down one set of stairs, and up another set elsewhere on the board, braking vases to retrieve their contents, and rotating or swapping sections of the board.

Using Items includes actions such as using a boomerang to steal a vase from another player, switching your position with another player, or using a shield to protect you from a curse.

The goal of the game is to either get three medallions and escape the maze, or collect four medallions and win immediately. The trick is that medallions take up space on your player board, and thus reduce your available actions. 

Hades Trap uses the Ariadne’s thread system. Players stepping on a thread will cause the Minotaur to move in the corresponding direction. Try to send the Minotaur to a tile where another player has their character. This will affect the other player, and make objects on the previous tile accessible to you. 

When the Minotaur lands on a tile occupied by other player's character, they must place a curse token on their player board, which reduces the actions available on their next turn. If the other player's character is crushed by the Minotaur, the player skips their next turn altogether.

Asterion the Minotaur is the main boss of the base game. Two new heroes and a new boss have already been unlocked as stretch goals.

More on Kickstarter

You can give Hades Trap a try on Tabletop Simulator, check out the latest stretch goals, and learn more about game play, so be sure to check out the Kickstarter before Monday, March 16th.

See the Kickstarter

Marshwiggle92 Supporter4 months ago | 1 point[-]

I guess the nostalgia factor just isn't enough for me to like the art. 

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