This War of Mine - playthrough

Standard game (called "campaign play").(4 votes) 80%
Standard game on "Advanced Side" of the board.(0 votes) 0%
Scenario Game (the game has two).(1 vote) 20%

5 votes

Hi all! In the upcoming weeks, I plan on shooting a solo playthrough of This War of Mine (which you’ll be able to view on my Youtube channel — link below). That being said, which of these modes of play would you like to see...


Channel link:

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Owner7 months ago

I've taken interest in this purely for solo play but backed off after hearing that it has a very heavy theme (I've never played the video game so I'm completely in the dark). I'd still be interested in checking out the playthrough though!

Premium User7 months ago

Yes indeed VERY heavy theme. The video game can get quite depressing especially if you play with the children characters.

7 months ago

I own and have played #This War Of Mine: The Board Game a couple of times and its super tough.  I have found its even harder on solo since sometimes the best idea's come from the group.  Please play with all of the event cards and don't remove the sensitive subject cards for your playthrough.  Those are always the ones that make the games the most memorable. 

7 months ago

I've played twice and managed to win 1 time. But I suspect I got some lucky events and items.

And don't worry, I'll keep all the "intense" stuff in the playthrough. ;)

Premium User7 months ago

As a fan of the video game I've been interested in this one for awhile. Would love to watch a playthrough regardless of what option is voted for

7 months ago

Your vote is noted! Thanks!

PS: If you're eager to watch a playthrough, there are 2 good ones already on Youtube from One Stop CoOp Shop as well as Rolling Solo.

Premium User7 months ago

Thanks, I'll have to check them out!

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