What's better Clank! Legacy post legacy or regular Clank?


Hello, for anyone that has played both, is the original game better than the legacy game after the legacy or the other way around?

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24 days ago

I am a huge Clank fan so I think the Legacy is better, but I would always recommend starting with the original Clank. Both to see if you like it and to get the mechanics down. Legacy takes it to a new level and it is a good one. The ongoing events are great. I like it better than Clank in Space too.

23 days ago

We own Clank! and we like it very much. We just wanted to know which game is better: the original or the legacy game after the campaign is done.

23 days ago

Whoops, completely misread that. I find myself taking out original Clank in that situation. I do not always play with the people I did the legacy campaign with so it makes sense for me. 

23 days ago

Thank you very much! In our case, we would play always the four of us in the family. Would you think that the legacy game post-campaign is better if you play with the people that completed the campaign?

23 days ago

I haven't really thought about that but yes I like reaping the benefits of a campaign hard-fought. I am going to go with Clank Legacy.

23 days ago

Thanks a lot for your answer!

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