What Game Should I Buy Next?

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar(3 votes) 23%
Trapwords(0 votes) 0%
Flamme Rouge(2 votes) 15%
The Court of Miracles(0 votes) 0%
Dinosaur Island(2 votes) 15%
Res Arcana(3 votes) 23%
Maracaibo (3 votes) 23%

13 votes

I'm hoping to get a game that plays well for 2 players since I primarily play games with my wife but we both like introducing games to our friends so it'd be perfect if it goes up to at least 4 players as well. Some of our favorite games right now include

I've listed some of the ones I think would be good but feel free to add on other suggestions.

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Premium User58 days ago

I just had to use the write in option on the poll - very cool feature! Checking out your wishlist and your favorites you mentioned, I thought #Res Arcana would fit the bill. I just picked it up recently and it's a lot of fun

58 days ago

That actually probably would be a good one. Voted for it. Works very well at 2, and I don't see any reason it wouldn't be fun at 4 too. The theme is whatever, but the puzzle of getting your engine running faster than your opponent(s) is very fun, in my opinion.

Owner58 days ago

That's been on my wishlist as well for a while but I just don't know much about it beyond the amazing art on the box.

Premium User58 days ago

As said it's an engine builder that works well at 2. He actually wrote up a nice first impressions post on it not that long ago which sealed the deal for me. It's pretty straightforward and light and could easily be taught to just about anyone I think.

57 days ago

I'm gonna be a dissenting opinion here and say that I just got rid of my copy. It's a sharp, interesting puzzle but for my money there is nothing 'exciting' whatsoever about the game. The last couple of turns it's nail-biting wondering who has optimised better, but overall the turns plod one after the other with nothing much engaging happening, and I always think, "yeah, that was fine". 

Premium User57 days ago

The theme is a big turn off which certainly doesn't help it feel exciting but I still think it's a great game

Owner56 days ago

This poll is too even! I need someone to break the tie!

56 days ago

I just voted, and it evened up the two leaders... that's probably not helpful...

56 days ago

Tzolk'in can be a bit intimidating, but it's actually fairly simple. I think Dinosaur Island is a solid choice. It's got amber dice, worker placement, and dinosaurs eating people. What more could you want? haha

Supporter58 days ago

Maracaibo seems like it would be a great choice for your group. 

Supporter58 days ago

Are you opposed to direct conflict/combat/negative player interaction?

Owner58 days ago

Yes, good question. I tend to avoid games that have a lot of it. Some is fine though.

Supporter58 days ago

Good luck deciding. 

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