2019 Trend: Board Games Going Digital (Upcoming Titles Included)

People usually associate board games with cardboard, plastic, meeples and miniatures. Things you can touch and place with your own hands. Until recently playing them on computers or consoles was rather niche (unless you count Tabletopia etc.). Sure, titans like Monopoly were often adapted into video games, but more complicated titles in most cases weren’t. Recently though, more and more publishers decide to go digital and… they succeed.

What interesting adaptations are coming this and next year? Happy reading!

Tainted Grail – In Development

One of the most exciting, upcoming digital board game adaptations is the Tainted Grail. A Kickstarter hit of 2018 is on its way to PCs and possibly other devices as well. The project was announced after the campaign had ended. It’s an unique case, as the video game will cover a different story than its board game counterpart. Backers of the original campaign are supposed to get their beta codes sometime this year. The whole idea was a surprise to people who pledged. Interestingly: Awaken Realms has created a whole new division to take care of the game.


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