Top Ten Results After Doing Online Comparison


Hi all,

There is absolutely no reason any of you should care but I recently went through all of my games played/owned over at

It took quite a while to do all of the comparisons but it was kind of fun.  I do this once in a while because I like to rework my game ratings.  So the top ten I ended up with were:

  1. Gloomhaven
  2. Brass: Birmingham (going to include Lancashire in here too)
  3. Scythe
  4. Concordia
  5. Terraforming Mars
  6. Gaia Project
  7. Power Grid
  8. Forbidden Stars
  9. Keyflower
  10. Spirit Island

Teotihuacan just missed the cut but I actually think it would beat Keyflower for me in a direct comparison.  (It just never happened on the site.)

I thought it might be fun for others to try it out to see what their top 10 ended up as.  There are no wrong answers and it’s really just how you feel in the moment. I think my list could change from day to day even. 

Edit to mention that I am not affiliated with the ranking site or anything like that. I just like doing the comparisons. 

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Supporter13 months ago

This was super fun! That’s a great tool. 

Here is my list:

1. Star Wars - Rebellion

2. Star Wars - Imperial Assault

3. Scythe

4. Terraforming Mars

5. Legendary - A Marvel Deck-Building Game

6. 7 Wonders Duel

7. Dominion 

8. Kingdom Builder

9. XCOM: The Board Game

10. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game 

13 months ago

Looks like we can still be friends haha Great list! Still need to play Rebellion and IA, and you've got me interested in XCOM.

Supporter13 months ago

My top 2 games and you haven’t played them. Such a sad state of affairs. 

13 months ago

I am ashamed. :(  

Supporter13 months ago

Now now!  No game shaming!  ;)

13 months ago

1. Gaia Project27 Wonders Duel3The Quacks of Quedlinburg4Carcassonne5Dragon Castle6Terraforming Mars7Azul8Blood Rage9Deep Space D-610Codenames: DuetNo surprises at the top for me, I was surprised Blood rage made it as high as it did as I did sell it and kept other games over it!

13 months ago

I've been interested in getting Deep Space D-6. Is it a pretty good solo game?

Supporter13 months ago

I love top 10 lists. It’s so interesting to see where people end up with their collections. 

Supporter13 months ago

I know for some games I haven't played a ton I wondered if I was comparing the actual game or my memory of the game that was maybe a little rose coloured (or the other way).

13 months ago

Well I would tell you that I do not have the most positive view of Bloodrage, but I do prefer heavier games now and a lot of my current collection is lighter fair!

13 months ago

Gah. I want Brass: Birmingham so’s the number one no questions asked game I will purchase next...and deluxe edition with those iron clays for sure. 

Supporter13 months ago

I got in on the kickstarter.  Very nice looking game and well worth it.  The Iron Clays are really nice too.

13 months ago

Lucky! I am working on selling a couple games that are not getting much love so I can afford the Deluxe BB!

Supporter13 months ago

I was pretty lucky.  I think the game is definitely worth it, especially if you can sell a couple of games not getting plays to get it.

13 months ago

Did it. I will consolidate the X-Wing and X-Wing: Force Awakens Core Set to be one X-Wing, especially since they were ranked #1 and #2 haha Here we go:

  1. X-wing
  2. Champions of Midgard
  3. Star Wars: Outer Rim
  4. Clank!
  5. Star Wars Destiny
  6. Terraforming Mars
  7. Tiny Epic Galaxies
  8. Flip Ships
  9. Wingspan
  10. Heroes of Land, Air & Sea

I’d day this is fairly accurate. Roll for the Galaxy was next in line, followed by Altiplano, which are both also accurate. 

The thing about a top ten, for me, is that it always depends on the day. While these all are certainly top-ten material, their order may vary from one day to the next. Also, I’m not sure I’ve played Outer Rim enough to justify it being so high on the list haha But, it was stressful picking favorites, especially when one matchup was Champions of Midgard vs. Clank!. 

Supporter13 months ago

I expect my list will resemble yours to a greater extent soon once I get Outer Rim and Clank to the table. 

I’ve not heard you mention Star Wars Destiny very much. Care to explain that one for me, kind sir!

13 months ago

Destiny is a CCG in which you must by booster packs in hopes of getting better cards (to sum things up). Still, It's a great game with fun mechanics. You have a 30-point limit on characters to use for your team, which is usually 2-3 characters. Each character can use one or two unique character dice. Then you have a deck of 30 cards which include upgrades, events, support, etc., and some cards also have their own unique die. You use dice to attack, gain resources, acquire shields, disrupt your opponent in various ways, and so forth. You win if your opponent has no more characters (i.e. they've all been defeated), or your opponent has no more cards to play (or has to draw a card but has no more left).

That's the quick summary of the game. Like all CCGs, there are career players who pay exorbitant amount of credits money to have all the best cards, but it's still a very fun game. It's another one I don't play often, but always love it when I do.

Supporter13 months ago

Ok - I was thinking it was a LCG. I don’t need to get into a CCG, especially when I don’t really have anyone to play against. Thanks for talking me down. 

13 months ago

Yuppppppp. I didn't want to get into it, but...well, I did. I mainly play with my wife anyway--and also with my brother-in-law before we moved--but I enjoyed building the decks and whatnot. I haven't bought any boosters in a year or more, and I only bought sparsely when I was playing, so thankfully I didn't spend too much on it. But yeah, best not to get into a CCG haha

Supporter13 months ago

I'm like you.  I can vary from day to day.  Especially with the bottom few and the order could change as well.

13 months ago

That's a neat tool! Making some of those decisions was really heartbreaking because I'd probably really put my top 4 in a 4 way tie. Anyway, I haven't played a ton of games, especially a lot of heavy games (I focus on games my wife will play with me), but here's my list.

Rank Item

1 Wingspan

2 Evolution: Climate

3 Century: Golem Edition

4 Santorini

5 7 Wonders Duel

6 The Fox in the Forest

7 Lost Cities

8 King of Tokyo

9 Carcassonne

10 7 Wonders

13 months ago

Teotihuacan has interested me for a while. It looks very pretty and the theme seems fun. Obviously you enjoy it, but how does it play?

Supporter13 months ago

I find it plays pretty smooth after the first game.  (Which is typical for a medium to heavy game I find.)

There are a few finicky rules that you will be looking up in the first game or two but overall I found it ran well.   There seem to be quite a few strategies that can win but you also need to be tactical with the board state and the bonuses that come out.  (Plus you can mix up where each location is to change it all up.)

All that said, I haven't played it a TON as my group tends to have several people who buy games so we don't repeat too often but this one has come up as one they want to play again soon. 

13 months ago

Nice. My group doesn't have a ton of experience with heavier games (myself included) so I'm not sure whether or not it would be for us. I'd love to try it but I don't know if I can justify a purchase at this point.

Supporter13 months ago

Maybe see if you can play it somewhere first. 

I’m not a great judge as to what is heavy or not to be honest. I don’t consider it super heavy rules wise but you definitely have to plan and react all at the same time. 

Supporter13 months ago

Cool list!  I haven't got a full game of Wingspan in yet. (Got in a round at SHUX but had to end it short.)  It seemed really good and might make it high up on my list once I get a full game in.

13 months ago

Yeah definitely try to get a full game in! I love it and so does my wife, which means we play it pretty regularly! Great for me!

Supporter13 months ago

I keep thinking I should give brass a try. Is there a reason I should try Lancashire over Birmingham? 

13 months ago

Birmingham has beer. That’s all you need to know 

Supporter13 months ago

LOL there is that, but, aren't you trying to sell it rather than drink it?