What did you play this week? (6/20/2022)

(6/20/2022) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Premium User4 days ago

Good variety of games this week:

Real Time:

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game x3: Started the Red Skull campaign.  First three missions down and I think my Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch decks are doing well.  Great game!
  • #Expedition to Newdale x2: I'm really enjoying this.  The campaign is pretty light and really introduces you to the game piece by piece.  
  • #Unfathomable: First play of this game.  It was fine.  I'm not a huge hidden traitor gamer but this one was fun enough.  We played a shorter variant which was likely a good idea.  Overall verdict...fine but not spectacular.  
  • #The Red Cathedral:  On the other hand. this game was great!  A good mix of tactical and strategic play, it was a perfect level of crunch for me and it kept you engaged for the entire game.  Definitely a winner.

Turn Based:

Moderator Level 14 days ago

I've looked at Red Cathedral a couple of times. Cool to see that you liked it! Maybe I'll pick it up eventually.

Premium User4 days ago

Yeah I really did enjoy it.  Two different people in my group own it so I likely won't pick it up but I'd happily play it again for sure.

4 days ago

Don't remember if i mentiond it last week or not, but got my kickstarter copy of #Carnegie in at the start of the month and got 2 solo plays in.  Got crushed in both.

Got another 3 player game of #Blood Rage w/ #Blood Rage: Gods of Ásgard expansion and I really enjoyed that.  Helped I had a come from behind victory by a point.

On Fathers day I spent some time and played a bunch of games with the family.  Played a 3 race game of #Tales & Games: The Hare and the Tortoise with my youngest son and my 7 and 6 year old niece and nephew.  That was fun. 

They wanted to play #Blokus afterwards and I beat my son by a point 4 to 5.  Niece and nephew didn't score nearly as well but respectiable for their ages.

Wife humored me and played 2 games of #Sagrada w/ me.  I think she went easy on me and I managed to win both.  I think the overall series though still favors her by a bunch.

Moderator Level 14 days ago

Do you have plans to play Carnegie with other players, or is that a mainly solo game for you?

4 days ago

I would imagine that solo will be my least preferred method of playing.  I'm hoping to get a 3 and/or 4 player game in this week or next.  Don't get me wrong, it has a REALLY good solo variant but I want to mostly play this at 3 or 4 players. 

2 days ago

Just the one game on tuesday night #The Taverns of Tiefenthal with a little extra expansion content, but most importantly IMO the starting bonus card(s) changed the game very much for the better. Rather than simply scrabbling around for low value cards at the start, and upgrading just a couple of bits for the tavern, the early turns were much more productive and everyone got multiple upgrades by the end

Moderator Level 13 days ago

#Rajas of the Ganges - Sarah and I were on vacation last week and I of course brought some games. This was the one "new to Sarah" game I was allowed to bring lol. It was a pretty fun time as I expected it would be. Definitely will have to play again.

#Jaws - Another game from the shelf of shame/opportunity. We played this at a board game cafe we found. We both seemed to enjoy the first half of the game and felt the second half was just so so. Sarah was the shark and thinks she made some mistakes so she requested we play again. I would like to play again with the roles reversed but maybe only play the first half of the game.

#Word Slam Family - Speaking of second halves, the second half of our vacation we had Sarah's family up to our house. I only managed to squeeze in one game, Word Slam Family. It was fun, though I think we've had more fun with it in the past.

#The Castles of Burgundy - Lost a fairly close game of this on BGA to . Seems like for the moment we figured out how to beat .

#Great Western Trail - Went to an event with my Meetup group on Saturday and ended up just playing games with my friend as usual at these things lol. I introduced him to this game because I've been kind of hooked thinking about it ever since my first play a couple months back. Really good game that plays a little too long for my liking.

#Sequoia - After GWT we played this to waste some time. Only takes about 10 min which is great. We thought for a minute it ended in a tie, which would have been terrible because my only other play of this also ended up tied. My friend redid his math and found out he missed 3 points so thankfully this game can live to see another day lol.

#Haggis - Ended the game day with my friend playing a round of this. I made a pretty big comeback just to lose in the end. I haven't stopped thinking about this game ever since so that's got to be a good sign.

#Décorum - Yesterday being Father's Day, I requested we play a board game. Sarah agreed to this and we played 3 scenarios, winning each fairly easily despite not having any idea what each other was trying to accomplish for the most part. I think if that continues to be the case, this may have a shorter lifespan on my shelves than I had hoped.

Moderator Level 13 days ago

I played Haggis a couple of times online and I've wanted to get my own copy since then. Really fun game. I guess if you play at 2 players you can just use a standard deck of cards, which is neat.

Moderator Level 12 days ago

You can play online? And yeah I guess I never thought about the ability to play with a regular deck of cards!

Moderator Level 12 days ago

Yeah man, Arena has it

Moderator Level 12 days ago

Wow I had no idea!

4 days ago

Monday night gaming saw a big jump in numbers up to 13, partly due to incorporating the local game design group, but we still increased the number gaming as well.

We played #Architects of the West Kingdom including using my crude craft project tax stand replete with West Francia flag, but with just the base game & no expansions

Following that, a 2nd game of #SCOUT which seems to have good replayability in it as people get a little more tactical.

4 days ago

Interesting selection of games this week. Had one big new experience and a handful of light to medium weight games:

#Las Vegas - First time playing. A fast and simple game. I did terribly simply because of bad dice rolls but it was still enjoyable. Got last place.

#Terraforming Mars - Also my first time playing. Even though this had always been around at my various game nights, I hadn't had an opportunity to play until now. The hype for this game didn't really live up to the experience. I mean, it's an alright game. Definitely better than my experience with #Brass: Birmingham, another highly rated game. It just felt very random at all times and the engine building aspect is not very cohesive. At no point did I feel like I had built a functional engine and instead felt like I had built a bunch of small engines that gave me minimal rewards for producing certain types of other small engine parts. That in itself isn't a bad thing, but when combined with the card drafting mechanism, it meant I was building whatever random piece best fit with my engine from what was available. I got cards towards the end of the game that would have been much more beneficial early on but they were either at the bottom of the huge deck, or they had been drafted and discarded by other players early in the game just because it was something the game forced them to do. And this gripe comes from the player who had probably built the most functional engine by the end because no one else came close to my end game scoring from built cards. The tile laying aspect also felt very... extra. It felt like it could not be a thing and the game would still function relatively the same. Overall, I would play it again because it's typically the kind of game I like but I don't understand why this is so highly revered because as a game it's just so... average. Whereas with Brass: Birmingham, I came to almost the exact opposite sentiment in that I understood why people love it, because the mechanics are very tight, but it just wasn't a game that fit my tastes so I don't think I'd play it again. In the end, I tied for 2nd with a focus on gaining points from animal/plant cards and science cards.

#Just One - Quick warm up game at my Friday game night while we waited for more people to show up. Always fun and illicit a few laughs.

#Paperback - I taught this to 4 new players. One player had a bit of a problem with their breadth of vocabulary which always determines how well a player does, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. I constantly reminded them that they should be aiming for the point cards but, like always, people seemed more interested in the word game and making bigger, more complex words, which is it's own kind of fun. I somehow managed to make the word "simpleton" with just a single wild card so that was it's own achievement. Finished in 2nd.

#Welcome to the Moon - Last game of the night and I taught it to 5 new players. I skipped the first scenario because I'm convinced it's impossible with more than 3 players, but that meant teaching the basic mechanisms of the Welcome to... games was a bit more difficult. Everyone seemed to get it by the 2nd or 3rd card flip and they slowly started understanding the complexity of it. We finished after a player managed to fill in her entire route and I got 2nd place. Always a fun puzzle.

Premium User4 days ago

I love Terraforming Mars but I totally see how it's not for everyone.  A lot of people seem to prefer drafting to get more card control but that slows the game way down.  

Next time we play I might try keeping the 10 starting cards random and draft the 4 between rounds.  We'll see.

4 days ago

Yeah, the lack of card control is really what I didn't like. I don't really know what I'd do to fix that though. I think Race for the Galaxy got it right in allowing players to practically search the deck for what they are looking and having multiple copies of the same cards. I don't think there's a way to do that in Terraforming Mars without changing large aspects of the game as well.

I managed to build a card in Terraforming Mars that let me trade in a card from my hand for another random card from the deck every time I built a science card, but even then I only managed to pull one usable card that benefited my engine from using that ability multiple times. 

Premium User4 days ago

Repeated plays help a lot as you learn what is in the deck but it definitely has its flaws for sure. 

It's more enjoyable if you look at it as what can you accomplish with the cards you get rather than a directly competitive game. That's why I really enjoy playing it solo where making the most of what you have is key.

3 days ago

I played TM for the first time recently as well. Not a game I'd rush back to, but one where it might feel very different once you know what sort of cards come up, value of money / end of round income, work out effective placement for points etc. I'd give it another go if that's what the group were leaning towards, but I'd not be asking someone to bring it in.

In terms of engines, it took until the 2nd half of the game, but eventually I did stumble on something of a green engine with mushrooms and the like. Possibly more luck that that route emerged as 2-3 good cheap cards that landed in my hand at the right time.


Moderator Level 14 days ago

  • #Chaos in the Old World 1x @ 4p - played this with my game group. The owner has had it for a couple of years but hadn't played it until now. It was a pretty resounding success in our group. I can see why this is highly sought after on the secondary market. I ended up in third place, but that's because I was going for the alternate victory condition, so I wasn't scoring many points. I came unbelievably close to winning via that method as well; one battle between 2 of my opponents prevented me from claiming the victory. Anyway, we really enjoyed this and I can see us playing it again some time soon.
  • #Century: Golem Edition 1x @ 4p - taught our friends this one and they loved it. No surprise, it's a crowd pleaser.
  • #That's Pretty Clever 1x @ 4p - taught our friends this one as well, and again they loved it. We left it at their place so they could keep playing, haha.

4 days ago

I've always wanted to try/play/own Chaos.  I keep hoping to find it on consignment somewhere.  Glad to hear you enjoyed your play of it.

Moderator Level 14 days ago

Yeah, it seems if you buy it online you'll have to pay through the nose for it. I always wonder why they don't just retheme it and come out with a new game. It could easily get a non-IP related theme, or a theme with a different IP. Maybe the license holders also have the rights to the game rules? It seems like that usually isn't the case, though. It was an FFG game, and they recently did what I described and reprinted #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game as #Unfathomable, so I feel like they could pretty easily retheme Chaos.