The Grand Carnival - A Game By My Friend!

I love it when my friends find success, and I'm all about promoting them. My friend, Rob Cramer, has a game on Kickstarter right now--The Grand Carnival! It's a polyomino-type game with tough decisions. My only regret is moving out of state before I could playtest it :) 

If polyomino games are your jam, give this a look! It really does look great, and thee reviews are quite good, too. Rob designed Turbo Drift (Button Shy Games) and a few others that aren't widely circulated, but this is his first non-wallet game (that I'm aware of). Here's the link:

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Supporter14 months ago

Cool! I don’t have any games of this style in my collection and one of this sort would probably play well with my kiddos! Too bad I don’t do Kickstarter as a general rule. 

14 months ago

Yeah, Kickstarter can be a bad habit (according to some people haha). Despite the game being designed by my friend, I still haven't backed it. I really want to, as it looks like a good game and I want to support him, but man, finances haha

Supporter14 months ago

I have some disposable income, but not enough where I can just invest in something that I might not get to play for a very long time. 

Owner14 months ago

Thanks! First thought after looking at the game was Cuphead haha. That style goes well with his theme. I've been interested in polyomino games since looking at Barenpark. Will take a look!

14 months ago

haha Yeah, it kind of does have a Cuphead look to it. I never thought about that until you pointed it out.