Holiday Season and Board Games


'Tis the season for family gatherings so I was wondering--which board games have been a hit or a miss? Or games you'd love to have introduced to your loved ones but just couldn't due to limited time/space/or access to that game?

For me:

  • Hits - Just One and Azul (my brother and my sister-in-law mentioned they will be getting Azul after getting back home)
  • Miss - No misses yet! Will be taking out my Forbidden Island so we'll see how that goes. I've also ordered Skull and Welcome To so that we could try them out before they go back home
  • Wish - I wish I could've introduced Wingspan and Quacks to them. Looks like that will have to wait till next year
  • Highlight - My wife mentioned that she'd like to try Wingspan again! Looks like I will be getting that as well whenever it comes back in stock/prices are reasonable again

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Supporter11 months ago

No real missed this season. I wish I could have introduced everyone to Ethnos and Wingspan. 

Supporter11 months ago

How did Forbidden Island go Phil?

Owner11 months ago

It didn't end up happening due to lack of time but I'm planning on playing it with my wife some time this week :)

Supporter11 months ago

Hit: Kingdomino. Both my 6 and 8 year olds have had fun playing this one. 

Other hit: Star Wars Rebellion. My best friend was back visiting and we got our yearly play of this game. What an awesome experience and it cemented itself as my number one game again.

Maybe: Fog of Love. My wife and I set this one up and we’re halfway through the tutorial before we had to stop. This is my wife we are talking about! I’m very excited. 

Miss: None!

Wish: That my prize from the last GAW would hurry up and get here!

Supporter11 months ago

Glad you got to play your favorite game. 

Supporter11 months ago

It’s so good. 

11 months ago

Hit: Bang the Dice Game- super fun quick game that is incredibly easy to teach! Got to introduce my brother and sister to that today!

Miss: none!

Wish: I got Cry Havoc today but didn’t have the right group to play with so I am itching for that one!

11 months ago

So far we’ve played Cockroach Salad. A fast and fun game that’s super easy to learn but can confuse your brain super easily haha Very fun, and my parents who struggle to learn a lot of games had no problem with it. 

Supporter11 months ago

So far they have been more interested in puzzles than gaming. But it has been a fun time with friends anyway.