Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – August and September 2019

Today we’ll preview 3 games coming to Kickstarter in August and September. This time some big names and unexpected projects: a remake, an expansion, and a completely new game. Let’s go!

Sleeping Gods – August 6th

Near and Far, Above and Below – if you’re into board games, there’s a high chance you’ve heard these titles already. Games by Ryan Laukat often feel innovative. They tend to merge euro mechanics with great storytelling and concepts straight from the adventure genre.

Sleeping Gods tells a story about a crew, that got trapped in a mysterious disaster, and popped up in a completely unknown world – Wizard of Oz style. The game itself is campaign driven and like its predecessors, relies heavily on storytelling. There’s a saving system included (“the journey log”), so players can leave whenever they want and come back when they feel like playing again. 


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