Is Agricola or other "classic" board games still worth playing today?


How do you feel about classic board games--highly regarded, timeless games that board gamers still talk about today?

Which games fall under this category and which games have aged so well that it can still compete for table space against thousands of new games out there? Are they still frequently talked about due to their reputation and for building the foundation for many games, or because their brilliance and simplicity can't be outclassed even today?

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Premium User15 months ago

Interesting. I must admit that I haven't played too many games that would qualify for this, but I do still see Agricola recommended quite often. #Race for the Galaxy was released the same year as Agricola, and that is still considered by many to be one of the best available. I have only played it in digital form, but it is a lot of fun, in my opinion. Yes, the symbols are tough to learn, but once you learn them, it's very smooth and quick.

Several Knizia games might qualify as well. I have only played (and owned) #Lost Cities, but I really enjoy it. It's completely abstracted from its theme, as all of his games seem to be, but the gameplay is quick and the decisions are tough. Unfortunately my wife doesn't enjoy it, haha.

15 months ago

YES. 'Nough said.

Moderator Level 115 months ago

Yes they are worth it. The classics don't get worse just because they get older. Of course many have been superseded by some that do the same thing better. But, there are still many classics that have yet to be superseded. 

Supporter15 months ago

When I got into the hobby I tried really hard to have a strong base and play games that people had deemed as classics. In my opinion while a good game is a good game a lot of those games have been surpassed by a superior game that does the same things in a better way. I would actually use #Agricola as one of the few older games that really stands the test of time. I do think the way it has been streamlined in #Agricola (Revised Edition) makes it easier and eliminates what can be a real glut of sorting through expansion content but while I think it has many games that are similar I think it still stands up. 

I actually think this is one of the best uses of the BGG Top 100 because I think it's difficult for a game to maintain at a high level over time and it's also easy to see the games that have really dropped off. I personally think #7 Wonders holds up well, it isn't even close to my favorite drafting game, due to its player count. I feel similarly about games like #Power Grid and #Race for the Galaxy where there are games that do the same things I like better but they are still good games. I think #Pandemic is one of the best gateway games out there and I'm typically not a fan of co-ops. I think most Rosenburg and Feld games hold up, with some like #Le Havre being as good now as they were when they came out. #El Grande is another game to me that really stands up.

I think games like #Carcassonne #Caylus #Ticket To Ride and #Stone Age would be examples of games that have passed their prime and we now have better games to play that do the same things. 

15 months ago

The Castles of Burgundy is incredible. It is one of the first mid weight game that I played and i still love it.

It has everything: Tile placing, changing player order, dice placement, and multiple paths to victory.

Owner15 months ago

I guess another question I have is, how old do you think a game needs to be to be considered a classic? How many years must have passed for it to earn that spot?

Premium User15 months ago

Hmm...I'd say maybe 10 years at this point? #7 Wonders is 10 years old this year, and to me that feels like it's just entering "classic" territory. There are newer games that you could pinpoint as games that will be considered classics, but I don't know if that qualifies them yet. I'm thinking #Azul, #Root, #Gloomhaven etc. Smash hits that kind of "changed the game" for the industry in their own ways.

Moderator Level 115 months ago

I agree. I think we need ten years before it's status as a classic is firmly established. Though, I think we can identify games, including the ones mentioned by as ones likely to be classics.