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I've just spent the last 3 days creating a new set of pages to look at all the best publishers and designers. The rankings are determined by looking at the game ranks of the games in each publisher's or designers catelog of games to determine their placement.

The minimum requirement to become ranked was at minimum 10 ranked games for a publisher and 5 ranked games for a designer.

I'm still adjusting the metrics and wanting to be able to represent more information but the pages are live under the games drop down! Let me know what you think.

Popular Publishers Page:

Popular Designers Page:

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3 months ago

This is very cool! I wonder if the sorting algorithm needs a bit of tweaking - I see that Darwin Kastle, the designer of #Star Realms and #Hero Realms, is right above Tom Lehhmann and Stefan Feld, who are arguably both more renowned and influential than Mr. Kastle, no disrespect to him.

Similarly, Alan Stone is pretty high up, with basically only Vitciluture and Euphoria to his name.

But of course it could be that there is still some small-sample bias showing, and some more expected names will rise to the top as more people use BGA. Also maybe I'm just wrong and those designers deserve to be that highly ranked.

3 months ago

I guess it is potentially taking into account games that are currently ranked very highly (which if I remember is somewhat time sensitive) so potentially even if some designers have been more influential in the past it is their most current works that are having the biggest impact on their rank? I have no idea about any of these people really so this might just be nonsense :D

Supporter3 months ago

The algorithm I designed is pretty simple right now and I would agree it needs more data. Part of the ongoing process for this feature will be collecting more data to influence the rankings.

Supporter3 months ago

How do you feel about being ranked #4?

3 months ago

That's very flattering! :)

3 months ago

Nice, this is very cool, especially to someone like me who rarely pays too much attention to who designed or published a game, a whole world for me to explore.

Also, Fantasy flight has published 1000 games! That's crazy

Supporter3 months ago

Neat idea!

Supporter3 months ago

Looks good. I do see however that the way the games are counted is a little wonky. For instance, Stonemaier Games has 57 titles listed, but a bunch of those are just component upgrades, expansions, or the like. It does seem like it would be nice to have a way to separate the titles out a bit. 

Supporter3 months ago

That's a good point.

Supporter3 months ago



Comment deleted.

Supporter3 months ago

This is fun.

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