Describe board games with analogies


Analogies are great because you can say so much in just a few words and explain something in a relatable way. Well.... has been having fun with that and I thought we might as well have an entire thread about it :)

Trent's most recent analogies:

Tell me yours and explain why! (And Trent, please explain yourself for others lol)

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Supporter2 months ago

#Gloomhaven is a 12-course meal. At first you aren't sure which fork to use and by the end you are so stuffed full of goodness but have to keep going. 

2 months ago

I love this.

Supporter2 months ago

How about I bring the hate....LOL

#The Castles of Burgundy is like a wax apple. It looks so beautiful, and it isn't until you bite it that it reveals its true nature.

On the other side of the coin:

#Agricola is a steak and kidney pie. The concept, and to a certain extant the product, look disgusting. But engaging with it is a uniquely satisfying and delicious excercise.

Premium User2 months ago

By this analogy, I must really love wax apples! 

Supporter2 months ago

LOL. Good response.

Supporter2 months ago

Well, to each their own!

2 months ago

Hmm I'll have to come up with more of these.

In keeping with 's food analogies, I've found that #War Chest is like a potato chip - you can't have just one! I always want to reset and play again with different units. For me this could work for #Santorini as well, haha.

Owner2 months ago

#Pendulum is a game that I wouldn't seek out or look forward to playing, but if it was chosen, I'd give it a play and would likely have a good time (just like most Rom-Coms)

When people eat bacon what is the #1 thing they want to eat after? More Bacon! The same is true for #Brass: Birmingham. Immediately after playing, I just want to play again. In fact (behind the scenes info here) and I filmed a playthrough and review (coming next week) and ran out of time the first day of filming and had to finish the game the second day. That night my wife and I completed a full game as well. So I played an entire game of brass while in the middle of another because it's so fun.

And for fun I'll throw out another analogy. For #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, is like the prequel series to the book series Ender's Game. It's great to be back in the world and see more, but it's still not the same as the original.

2 months ago

If playing a game of Brass in the middle of another game of Brass isn't a resounding endorsement, I don't know what is!

Supporter2 months ago

Lol I agree. Definitely made my choice for my game selection even harder.