Here are our most recent giveaways!


Since some of you may not be used to checking up on the side bar or the main giveaways page for updates yet, I wanted to share the recent additions!

Ambush: Epic -

Hise Rise: The UltraPlastic Edition -

What are some other games that you'd LOVE to see us giving away in the future? We currently have an extra copy of #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile coming our way next year and we still have #Brass: Birmingham Deluxe and #Oceans Deluxe to give away :)

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Supporter8 months ago

This is great! Thanks Phil! 

Premium User8 months ago

Thanks for sharing ! How's the trick shot video coming along? Excited to see what everyone managed to pull off :)

8 months ago

I've been wondering about this too! Looking forward to it

8 months ago

#Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile does look like such an ambitious game design. Might have missed it because I have been so busy the last few weeks but have you guys tried it out yet?

8 months ago

Wow #Brass: Birmingham deluxe would make my year. Keeping my eyes peeled for that one.

Supporter8 months ago

I would say almost anything from Capstone Games would be a fairly universally popular pitck. 

And, yes, thanks for all the GAW's. 

Supporter8 months ago

Wow thanks for all the contests Phil!

8 months ago

Wow that giveaway page is stuffed with cool stuff! 

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