Intrepid: Disaster Aboard the International Space Station

The International Space Station is a tiny speck, 400 km above the Earth, moving at 27,000 kilometers per hour. Astronauts from several different countries must work together to produce the resources they need, complete missions, and survive the disasters that occur. 

Intrepid is a scenario-based cooperative game with simultaneous play, where 1 to 4 characters must think quickly and solve problems. Each astronaut brings different skills, abilities, and play styles to the game. 

You can get a copy of Intrepid, plus the Mission Critical expansion and all daily unlocks, for $60. Shipping is heavily discounted on the first copy, and free for additional copies. The expansion is free for backers, but will have a $30 msrp after the campaign, so be sure to check out the campaign before it ends on July 9, 2020.

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About Intrepid

Intrepid is a dice placement game where 1 to 4 players must use their unique technologies to improve the International Space Station, generate resources, and complete their missions, all while dealing with disasters. 

The countries included in the base game are Germany, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States.

Art not final

There are 75 unique technology tiles, divided among the four countries.

The countries included in the expansion are Brazil, Canada, and the United Kingdom. They bring 57 additional technology tiles.

Art not final

The game also comes with 4 large, dual-layered resource wheels and 60 dice.

Art not final

The base game comes with 21 Meteor Shower disaster cards, in 4 levels of difficulty, plus disaster cubes and disable tokens.

Art not final

In the expansion you'll face a Toxic Leak. It includes 20 new disaster cards in 4 levels of difficulty.

You'll also have emergency resupply cards, but don't use them unless you really need them. Career tiles give each astronaut a unique ability, and mission cards will give you a chance to overcome the disaster.

Note that the art shown is non-final. Here's an example of a card before and after:

The design team is also working with a NASA Engineer to make sure the game reflects real-world technology and scenarios.

More on Kickstarter

You'll find great videos, daily unlocks, how to try Intrepid for free on Tabletopia, and more, so check out the campaign before it ends on July 9, 2020.

See the Kickstarter!

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